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What is a Solitaire Ring? Learn the Difference and Meaning

What is a Solitaire Ring? Learn the Difference and Meaning

The 411 on solitaire engagement rings

When you take the first step in your search for that perfect engagement ring, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. There's a wide variety of styles, colors, cuts, designs, and bands to choose from, and ultimately, your only goal is to sweep your future bride off her feet.

Hopefully, your girlfriend has helped you plan for the big proposal by narrowing it down to a specific style, like a timeless solitaire. We can take it from there.


So, she's set on a solitaire.
Solitaires are the most classic, iconic style of engagement ring. With a striking design that puts the diamond on full display, solitaire diamonds have symbolized engagement for many years, and their style stands strong no matter what's trending in fashion.

A solitaire emphasizes the classic simplicity and elegance of your fiancée's personality, and it shows off the diamond, which she'll surely be proud to show off.

There are a few basics to cover before you move forward:

Diamond Shape
Round, princess-cut, oval, pear, emerald-cut or marquise... the shape of the diamond can change the entire look. If you're going for classic, a round diamond is the way to go, but switching it up can give her solitaire engagement ring a more unique flare.

The Band
Would she prefer a thin band? White, yellow, or rose gold? Or maybe platinum? Does she want it engraved? Whatever you choose, make it timeless and true to her tastes.

The Setting
Most diamond solitaires are held firm with prongs, which let your diamond show maximum sparkle. However, some women may prefer a bezel setting, which encircles your diamond in metal, so that only the top of the diamond appears.

Deciding on the diamond
Since solitaire rings make the diamond the star of the show, your bride-to-be will appreciate that you put more emphasis on the quality of her diamond.

One way to help you narrow down the process is by breaking it down to the 4C's of diamond buying: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. This is how sellers price and grade their diamonds and it's also what will determine the cost.

Then Comes the Wedding Ring
A solitaire leaves her choice of wedding band wide open. She may choose a band (or two) of diamonds or she may decide on an enhancer ring, which surrounds the solitaire with additional sparkle.

If she wants something different:
Starting to rethink the solitaire route? Don't worry. There are many other options for engagement rings. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does she want a bigger style? Adding more stones will create a larger look.
  • Are you trying to get more bang for your buck? Adding accent diamonds to a smaller center stone could give you a grander appearance at a lower price.
  • Does she want color? Go the nontraditional route by using a color gemstone as the center - consider sapphire, emerald or ruby.
  • Is her style more unique? Play that up with a one-of-a-kind customized creation.
  • Would she prefer wearing just a diamond wedding band (or bands) instead of an engagement ring? This might be a smart choice for an understated, modern bride.

Whichever engagement ring style you choose, just remember to focus on the love you have for your future wife and how excited she'll be to receive the diamond that will celebrate the two of you through the years to come.