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    Fashion Rings
    White gold rings are beautiful complements to other rings in different colors of gold. Stackable rings like anniversary bands are fashion-forward with the allure of white gold metal.
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    Engagement Rings
    Striking engagement rings come in many colors of gold, with white gold being very popular for its simple silvery backdrop.
  • Shop all white gold earrings
    Complete any look with a classic pair of white gold earrings. Gemstones and diamond solitaires are enhanced with the silvery color of this gold type.
  • Shop white gold bracelets at Jared
    Your white gold jewelry collection wouldn't be complete without a bracelet or two in this modern looking metal.
  • Shop all white gold necklaces at Jared
    Flattering on any skin tone, white gold is a gorgeous metal for necklace designs. Add a modern touch to your collection with Jared's white gold necklaces.
  • Shop all white gold pendants at Jared
    Express your individual style with unique white gold charms. Jared carries a wide variety of white gold charms in various brands and styles.
  • Shop all white gold tone watches at Jared
    Watches are a classic way to show off your style. Explore Jared's white gold tone watch collection and add timeless fashion to any wardrobe.
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    Men's Jewelry
    The modern appeal of white gold holds true for handsome men's jewelry as well. Add to his collection with white gold jewelry like rings and necklaces for men.

The Colors of Gold

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    Yellow Gold Jewelry
    Whether it's an on-trend accent in stacks, a bold statement piece or a subtle strand, yellow gold never gets old.
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    Rose Gold Jewelry
    Enchanting and unique rose gold makes for a stunning way to add more color to your jewelry.

White Gold Jewelry

Silvery white gold is fresh, refined and fashion-forward. White gold jewelry is a favorite in the fashion world for its modern, silvery sheen. The metal brings cool sophistication to pieces such as white gold necklaces, white gold engagement rings and white gold wedding bands.

What is White Gold?
Craftsmen make white gold by combining yellow gold with copper, zinc and nickel (or palladium). White gold is often plated with rhodium to increase its durability and heighten its shine. Its elegant luster flatters nearly every skin tone, complements a variety of gemstones and makes even a simple sheath look striking.

Discover this alluring metal's boundless wearability in our collection of white gold engagement rings, necklaces, bracelets and more.

Mix Your Metals
The days of sticking with a single metal are over. Mix up your metals for a fresh style that's full of possibilities. Use white gold as a foundation piece, then layer rose or yellow gold. Dare to wear all three? Consider placing white gold in the middle to best show off the different finishes.

You can layer the same necklace style in varying metals, stack contrasting gold rings or slip on a rainbow of shimmering bangles. Just make sure the styles fit together aesthetically, and that the end result makes you feel great. 

White Gold Bridal Jewelry
A white gold engagement ring fits the white bridal theme and offers a romantic, contemporary alternative to yellow gold. These white gold rings are almost always plated in rhodium to resist scratches and tarnish, but also to bring out the metal's sheen.

White gold wedding bands blend seamlessly with colorless diamonds, amplifying their beauty and brilliance. At the same time, the metal makes cooler colors pop, bringing out the brightness of stones like blue sapphires. Explore our bridal faves to see for yourself.

Shop white gold jewelry or stop by a Jared store near you to try on select white gold jewelry pieces.