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New Lali gemstone engagement rings on a foliage texture background


Designed to honor and celebrate your beautiful journey to love. The LALI Jewels™ Bridal collection features cutting-edge gemstone jewelry with diamond accents that are sure to be cherished for a lifetime, just like your love.


Designed for jewelry lovers and those who aren't afraid to take a risk. Celebrate affordable luxury with LALI Jewels™, a magnificent gemstone and diamond jewelry collection that seamlessly mixes bold, dynamic colors and dazzling sparkle to create something truly remarkable.

LALI Jewels is a family owned and operated jewelry business. Brothers Arun and Adam Bassalali started the company in 2015. They created a brand that offers the finest and most beautiful gemstones and diamond fashion. Embracing the knowledge of their forefathers and with a keen eye to evolving with the future of fine jewelry, LALI Jewels creates timeless luxury at affordable prices while specializing in one-of-a-kind and limited-edition creations. These gold and gemstone pieces add a colorful and classic touch to any occasion. There is something for everyone in the LALI Jewels Collection.