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At its most basic level, a promise ring represents a vow made between two people, usually in a romantic relationship. It is often considered a step towards engagement, but its true meaning can be whatever the couple decides. Just like the meaning is flexible, so is the etiquette around who can give and receive one, who can wear one and what they look like. Here’s what you should know about men’s promise rings.



The idea of giving a ring as a promise of love and affection has been around for hundreds of years. Also known as posey, or poesy rings, promise rings were popular in 16th century England and the tradition of wearing a ring to symbolize commitment is still going strong.

A couple that wants to solidify their relationship and define it as more than just “dating” might choose to exchange promise rings. While men’s promise rings might not seem as common, there’s no reason why a man can’t wear one. The beauty of a promise ring is that it can mean whatever you want it to mean—as long as it makes sense for you.

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A man putting a white gold ring on his partner, both of them are dressed in suits


When it comes to promise ring etiquette, the most important thing is for a couple to be on the same page about what the promise ring represents to them and their relationship. In other words, the significance of a promise ring is more about the relationship conversation that should accompany it. When you give a promise ring, you should also take some time to discuss your intentions for the future of your relationship.

Promise rings for men or women could be given as a birthday or anniversary gift to commemorate a special moment for you as a couple. Avoid giving a promise ring on a whim or in the very early stages of a relationship and don’t assume you know what your partner is thinking.

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The flexibility of promise rings means any men’s ring could be repurposed as a promise ring. From simple stainless steel or sterling silver to white gold adorned with a small gemstone, the style you ch