Stacking Rings: The Trend

Multiple ring stacks on each finger

Stacking Rings: The Trend

Stacking rings is a popular trend and a great way to express your unique style.

Starting off
Try creating a look that is balanced without completely matching. One way to do that is to keep one element consistent. For example, stick with rings of the same metal, but mix texture and widths. Or choose a common gemstone color, but mix metals. If you aren't sure which colors would look best, use your nail polish or outfit as a starting point.

Rediscover rings you already have
You may not have to buy all new rings to create a stylish stack. Instead, begin with what is already in your jewelry box. This gives you a new way to look at rings you haven't worn in a while.

How many fingers? How many rings?
There are no definite rules for how many rings you should wear. Think about what is most comfortable for you and what looks best with your outfit. If you want a subtle look, wear rings on just a few fingers or keep your stacks small. If you want a bold look, mix in a few statement rings and some larger stacks.

Lifestyle is also important to keep in mind. Are you active and sporty? Do you use your hands for work? Is your office more casual or more formal? Consider these factors when deciding how many rings to stack and on how many fingers.