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What is December’s Birthstone?

Blue topaz December birthstone jewelry shown with a blue topaz ring and a blue topaz and yellow gold bracelet.

What is December’s Birthstone?

Those with December’s birthstone may have hit the birthstone jackpot. They get not one, but three options for December birthstone jewelry. You can choose blue topaz which offers a light blue color. You might opt for tanzanite which has an indigo hue to it. Or, you can go for a classic choice in the form of turquoise.

Birthstones for December

December birthstone jewelry presents tons of options regarding style. Associated with the astrological signs Sagittarius and Capricorn, December birthstones star in whatever setting you choose.

From blue topaz rings to tanzanite bracelets and turquoise pendants, the possibilities seem endless when deciding on birthstone jewelry for December birthdays. Learn about each birthstone’s history and meaning. You might just find the ideal gift idea for the December-born friend or loved one in your life!

What Is December’s Birthstone Color?

December birthstones offer a wide array of colors and tones. From pale, icy blue to rich, jaw-dropping indigo, each stone captures the essence of December-born people in different ways. Find out which one speaks most to you or indulge yourself with jewelry featuring each stone as the star.

What is the Traditional Birthstone of December?

Blue topaz is the traditional birthstone of December. It makes an excellent option as a jewelry gift for those born in December. Multi-colored topaz gemstones sparkle beautifully in blue topaz bracelets, blue topaz rings, pendants and pins.

Some ancient civilizations called this a “cooling” gem, believing it could temper emotional and physical attributes. They believed it could relieve burns, cool boiling water or calm anger.

Today, people associate blue topaz with communication, learning, understanding and creative inspiration. This makes it a great option for the artist or public speaker in your life.




Tanzanite December birthstone jewelry shown with a tanzanite ring in yellow gold next to a tanzanite bracelet.

Tanzanite Birthstone Meaning

A member of the zoisite family, this gemstone often features a purplish-blue glint. Some might mistake this gem for a sapphire at first glance. However, its violet and indigo tones differentiate it from the traditional blue gemstone.

Whether set in silver, gold or other materials, this birthstone is believed to promote positivity and introspection. In addition, it is associated with spirituality, wisdom and truth.


Turquoise Birthstone Meaning

Often used in items for warriors and royalty throughout history, the turquoise stone carries a blue-ish, greenish hue. It can also feature black, taupe or gray lines crackling through the stone. In band style rings, it can take different forms. It can be in-laid, smooth or rough-cut for a statement piece.

People often associate the stone with protection and healing. Persian legend also suggests that the stone brings good luck if reflecting moonlight.

All About December Birthstone History

Topaz comes from all over the world, including Germany, Nigeria, Brazil, Australia, China, Russia, the U.S. and more. That means it has many legends surrounding it from all over.

Tanzanite, as its name suggests, can only be found in the Merelani Hills of Tanzania. A Masai tribesman discovered it in 1967, but it has exploded in popularity over the last two decades.

People regard turquoise as one of the oldest stones in humankind’s recorded history. Historians believe the Egyptians discovered the stone as long ago as 6000 BC.

However, you can find turquoise all over the world, from China and Tibet to Chile, Iran and parts of the U.S. and Mexico. Native Americans consider the stone to be sacred.

December Birthstone Jewelry Cleaning

The December birthstones each rank differently on the Mohs scale of gemstone hardness. This scale dictates how robust or fragile a gemstone is.

Blue Topaz comes in at an eight out of ten on the scale. It is softer than a diamond or sapphire but harder than quartz. However, you have to be careful because blue topaz can be broken if it is hit hard.

Tanzanite is the next hardest at a six to seven out of ten on the Mohs scale. It has a tendency toward breaking if hit too hard, so take care with your tanzanite birthstone jewelry.

Turquoise ranks as the softest of all birthstones for December at a five to six. High heat can cause discoloration and some cosmetics, chemicals and skin oils can also cause damage to the stone’s finish and color.

December birthstones should not be exposed to high temperatures or sudden temperature changes. Temperature changes could cause the stones to crack or break.

Don’t clean December birthstone jewelry in an ultrasonic cleaner or with a steam cleaner. These cleaning machines could damage the jewelry. To clean your pieces, use mild soap and warm water. Then, air dry them or use a soft towel.

Shop December Birthstone Jewelry

No matter what your budget or what style you want, Jared offers December birthstone jewelry in all settings and stones. Select the December birthstone you like best and browse our online inventory for your ideal piece. If you don’t see what you want, find a Jared store near you. One of our store associates can help you find the piece for you!