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Ring Questions

Ring questions

Finding the Perfect Ring Fit

Wearing rings, be it an engagement ring or otherwise, can come with some inevitable issues. From a stubborn ring stuck on your finger to what to do if you think you need a different size, we've got you covered.

My Ring spins and turns on my finger
If this is an issue for you it is very likely that your ring is too big for your finger. Your Jared jewelry specialist has a number of tricks to solve this issue if resizing is not an option. Ask about these methods:

  • Ring beads
  • A fold-over latch device
  • A horseshoe shaped spring

My ring makes me itchy
One of two things could be causing discomfort: simple irritation or an allergy. If you wear your ring all the time, every day, you likely have moisture and soap trapped around the ring from bathing and washing your hands. Over time, this can start to irritate the skin. Remove the ring from your hand and keep it off for a few days to see if your condition improves. Don't forget to clean the ring itself. Consider having it professionally cleaned.

Allergies are not as simple to remedy. Talk to your Jared jewelry specialist about lining the inside of your ring with a protective layer if the issue becomes unmanageable.

Can I bond my engagement and wedding ring together?
If you plan on always (and we mean always) wearing your engagement and wedding ring as a unit, soldering them together may be a great option for you. A Jared professional jeweler can use a special tool to fuse the rings together. We recommend waiting a few months to a year after getting married to make this decision. See how you end up wearing your rings naturally. In the event that you've bonded your rings together and you would like them separated though, this can usually be done by a professional jeweler with a cutting tool.

My ring is stuck on my finger

Oops, you have a ring stuck on your finger. First, don't panic - if you got it on, you can get it off. Take a breath and try these solutions.

  • Swelling may be the culprit. The go-to medical way to reduce swelling is to raise the hand and apply a cold compress. Try to, gently remove the ring again once you've applied both these recommendations.
  • Find something slippery. Petroleum jelly, hand cream, butter, coconut oil or olive oil may do the trick. Slather your finger and gently twist the ring to loosen. Slowly but surely, gently pull and twist to remove the ring.
  • In the event of an emergency, when nothing is working - call your doctor. Your doctor should have a solution to remove the ring, including the methods we described. In extreme cases, the ring may need to be cut off.
  • Use string. Wrap your finger tightly with fine string, ribbon, dental floss, or sewing thread where it will not budge. While the string compresses the swollen finger, you should be able to slip the ring off. Do so quickly, you do not want to cut off your circulation to your finger. 

If your ring is getting stuck frequently, talk to a Jared jewelry specialist about options for resizing.