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  • shop yellow gold fashion rings at Jared
    Fashion Rings
    For a fresh look, try layering stackable yellow gold rings to add texture to your outfit. Yellow gold anniversary bands look stunning stacked with an engagement ring.
  • Shop yellow gold engagement rings at Jared
    Engagement Rings
    The classic choice, yellow gold engagement rings are imbued with romance and tradition. From diamonds to warm-colored gemstones, you can't go wrong with a yellow gold engagement ring.
  • Shop yellow gold earrings at Jared
    Traditional yellow gold earrings are making a comeback in today's fashions. With so many styles to choose, from studs to hoops and more, there's a yellow gold earring style for any occasion.
  • Shop yellow gold bracelets at Jared
    Bracelets are great way to add style to your look. Stack yellow gold bolo bracelets or yellow gold bangle bracelets with white gold and rose gold designs for dimension and texture.
  • shop yellow gold necklaces at Jared
    A yellow gold necklace is a classic choice with modern styling. Consider layering a gold chain with other colors of gold in pendants and chains for a statement in texture and tone.
  • Shop all yellow gold necklace pendants at Jared
    Create a memory to last a lifetime with beautiful charms in colors of gold. Initials, birthstones, professions and special moments can all be celebrated with yellow gold pendant charms.
  • Shop all yellow gold watches at Jared
    Classic watches get a modern look with gold-tone styles. With Jared's selection of luxury watch brands, we're your watch destination in many gold hues like rose and yellow gold.
  • shop mens yellow gold jewelry at Jared
    Men's Jewelry
    From yellow gold chains to wedding bands and bracelets, men's fashion at Jared is on-trend with yellow gold fine jewelry styles.

What Gold Style Inspires You?

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The Colors of Gold

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    Rose Gold Jewelry
    Enchanting and unique rose gold makes for a stunning way to add more color to your jewelry.
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    White Gold Jewelry
    Silvery white gold is fresh, refined and fashion-forward. White gold jewelry is a favorite in the fashion world for its modern, silvery sheen.

What is Yellow Gold?

Yellow gold's warm color comes from a combination of gold alloy with copper and silver. The color looks best on olive or dark skin tones and may warm up or wash out some paler complexions. Play up or down your gold jewelry style depending on how it looks against your skin. Whether it's an on-trend accent in stacks, a bold statement piece or a subtle strand, yellow gold never gets old.

Yellow Gold Jewelry Styling
Today's style: mix, don't match. These days, wearing a matched-metal ensemble can look stale and dated. Add texture, tone and style to your yellow gold necklaces. Mix yellow gold with rose gold, white gold and other colors, if you'd like.

Strive for a look that's fresh and different - and makes sense aesthetically. Keep the styles complementary and mind the ratio of one color to another. To get started, choose one place to mix - your neck, your wrist - and layer with intention.

Yellow Gold Engagement and Wedding Rings
Yellow gold engagement and wedding rings are a classic choice, imbued with romance and tradition. Today's yellow gold rings are often two-tone, with yellow and rose gold, or yellow and white gold, forming the gemstone's frame.

If you decide on a yellow gold ring, think about setting the stone in a white metal head to enhance its brilliance. If your diamond is graded faint or very light in color, a yellow gold ring might detract from unwanted yellow undertones.

You can also pair yellow gold with black diamonds, yellow diamonds and other warm-colored gemstones.

Shop Yellow Gold Jewelry 
Shop yellow gold and yellow tone jewelry. Yellow gold jewelry rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, watches and more are available at Jared. Stop by the Jared store near you to try on jewelry pieces before buying.