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Types of Earrings

Hoop earrings at Jared

Hoop Earrings

A continuous piece of metal sweeps from front to back in these everyday favorites. While often round, hoop earrings come in a chic range of shapes and silhouettes. Whether crafted in yellow gold or adorned with diamonds, these stunners are always in style.


solitaire earrings at Jared

Solitaire Earrings

Timeless for a reason. Solitaires feature a singular diamond or gemstone that’s connected to a straight post for a floating effect. Minimal yet glamorous, solitaires capture the spirit of enduring elegance.


earring jackets at Jared

Earring Jackets

Instantly transform your everyday studs or solitaires with earring jackets. Each unique style is designed with a hole, allowing you to easily push your existing earrings through to create a glamorous new look.


stud earrings at Jared

Stud Earrings

The ultimate wardrobe staple, a classic pair of stud earrings are as versatile as they are sophisticated. Attached to a straight post and available in an extensive range of shapes, metals, and gemstones, studs can be dressed up or down and worn stacked or solo.


drop earrings from Jared

Dangle & Drop Earrings

A red-carpet favorite, dangle earrings dramatically drop from the earlobe for eye-catching movement. Shorter styles are great for casual looks, while longer shapes adorned with diamonds or gemstones are ideal for formal occasions.


huggie earrings from Jared

Huggie Earrings

These mini hoops ‘hug’ the earlobe by curving around and carefully latching in the back. Huggies eliminate the risk of catching or snagging, making them a perfect choice for everyday wear and those with active lifestyles.


climber earrings at Jared

Climber Earrings

For those craving extra drama, ear climbers are a bold and trend-forward option. Starting at the base of the earlobe, they work their way upwards, curving towards the top of the ear. A wire hugs the back to keep the earring in place and achieve the climbing illusion.


Types Of Earring Backs

friction back earrings at Jared

Friction Back Earrings

The most common type of earring back, also called push backs or butterfly backs, have a single post that goes through the piercing and is held in place by a separate piece of metal that pushes onto the post, securing it.

screwback earrings at Jared

Screw Back Earrings

A single post attaches to a separate closure piece that spins together to fasten and unfasten. Commonly found on fine jewelry pieces, screw backs are more secure than friction backs.

shop flatback earrings at Jared

Flat Back Earrings

Designed for maximum comfort, flatbacks, or ‘threadless posts', are a great choice for first-time piercings or advanced piercings like the helix or conch since they won’t poke behind your ear. The post slides from the back of your ear and secures at the front.

latchback earring at Jared

Latch Back Earrings

Often found on dangling or drop earrings, a latch closure, similar to a fence gate, provides added security to keep earrings locked and looped through the ear.

hingeback earrings at Jared

Hinge Back Earrings

Sometimes referred to as a ‘saddleback’ the earring post fits snugly into a groove and securely clicks into place. Most often found on huggies and hoops for comfort and reliability.

lever back earrings at Jared

Lever Back Earrings

Prized for their comfort and security, lever backs feature a curved mechanism that loops and clasps together. Typically found on drop and dangle earrings.

omega back earrings at Jared

Omega Back Earrings

Named after the Greek symbol that resembles this mechanism, omega back closures feature a post that fits snuggly within an upside-down U.

french wire closure earrings

French Wire Closure Earrings

Similar to the shape of a fishhook, a thin piece of curved metal threads through the earlobe and rests in place. Typically used on dangling earrings, this closure does not lock or attach, but generally the weight of the earring keeps it in place.

threader earrings at Jared

Threader Earrings

Like a delicate thread weaving through fabric, threader earrings are thin pieces of metal that gently go through the earlobe and hang down on either side. Simplistic yet edgy, these open-ended styles make a major statement.