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For any collection, the right jewelry care can help each ring, necklace, or pair of earrings shine-on with every wear. Lear how to keep metals and gemstones sparkling, choose the best jewelry materials, and find jewelry that becomes your style staples. Welcome to jewelry 101, where we cover jewelry style basics and essential jewelry care.

Jewelry 101

  • How to take care of jewelry, men and women holding hands with jewelry.
    How to Take Care of Jewelry
    Keep your jewelry shining with our tips on jewelry care and cleaning.
  • Explore ring sizing at Jared, image of women's hand with a ring on.
    Does Your Ring Need to be Resized?
    Is your ring too snug or too loose? Spot the signs of when it’s time to resize.

Pre-Owned Jewelry

  • Image of gold and diamond ring stack.
    What Is Pre-Owned Jewelry?
    See how to can save on top styles when you shop pre-owned jewelry.
  • Explore options to create new from old at Jared, image of women's hand wearing a diamond ring.
    Heirloom Jewelry: How to Create New From Old
    Go vintage chic with our tips to refresh heirloom pieces into something special.


  • Image of alternative metal rings.
    Alternative Metals
    Be authentically you with alternative metals for unique jewelry pieces.
  • Image of silver and gold jewelry.
    Silver or Gold Jewelry: Which Is For You?
    Is silver’s cool shine or gold’s warm glow your style? We’ll help you find out!


  • Image of gold chains from Jared.
    Chain 101
    Join us for your intro to jewelry chain designs, lengths, and style tips.
  • Image of necklace chains from Jared.
    Necklace Length
    From short 16” styles to 22” pendants, choose your best necklace length.


  • Image of a gold bracelet from Jared.
    Bracelets 101
    Get to know your bracelet basics about styles, sizing, and more.
  • Image of stackable diamond bracelets offered at Jared.
    Stackable Bracelets
    Mix and match bracelets for stackable styles that fit your personality.


  • Image of a statement watch available at Jared.
    Choosing a Statement Watch
    Sophisticated, bold, unique—choose a watch that’s your perfect match.
  • Image of a watch available at Jared.
    Watch Buying Guide
    Get up to speed on today’s timepieces with our watch guide.
  • Image of a watch available at Jared.
    Watch FAQS
    Find answers to your watch questions on care, styles, and more.