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What is the Birthstone of July?

Ruby earrings set and a birthstone of July bracelet with a cream-colored background.




What is the Birthstone of July?

Ruby is the birthstone of July. Many consider it one of the “Big Three” in gemstones and it belongs to the corundum mineral species (this includes sapphire). Ruby gemstones can range in color. For instance, some might be in shades of purple or brown. Yet many know the finest and most recognizable rubies to be a vibrant red.

This gem has a long history as a prized treasure, adorning the crowns of royalty and the precious antiquities of many civilizations. In fact, the Sanskrit word for ruby means "king of gems."

Ruby Gem Meaning

The signature red of a ruby is associated with many great things such as fortune, prosperity, passion, love, wisdom and health. You might even say that the ruby could be one reason we associate the color red with health.

You can see the ruby’s influence everywhere in pop culture today. Some people may have a red “power tie” or a red lipstick they wear to feel more confident. In fact, many video games even use red hearts as a way to display a character's health status. So how can you add the birthstone of July to your look?

Ruby Necklaces

If you want to wear the symbol of health and love around your neck, consider a ruby necklace. Jared has many styles to choose from including heart-shaped gemstones to more classic cuts such as the marquise or pear.

You could even go a little custom and add the birthstone of July and other important months to your necklace. In addition, some necklaces can have names engraved on them for an extra personal touch.


Want to add a touch of red to your look? Rings are a perfect way to dabble in the birthstone of July without venturing too far into the deep end of rubies. Rings can show off the birthstone solo, or they can bundle up with diamonds for a total glam look.

The beauty of rings is that there are many styles to choose from. You can opt for a classic ring like a band with a single stone, or something more modern such as a deconstructed ring. In this ring style, the ring is not a solid circle but actually has an open center near the main gem(s).

Or perhaps you want to bring out a gem’s romantic qualities? Jared has a selection of heart-shaped rings – some with diamonds that serve as the perfect engagement ring for your loved one.


If you want to have the look and feel of royalty, ruby earrings are for you. Jared has many styles including solitary studs or earrings with many different gemstones.

Are you a fan of personalized jewelry? Jared has a great selection of personalized earrings for you to choose from. You can opt for earrings that have your July birthstone alone or add your name as well.

If you have a special someone with a July birthday, consider earrings with their name engraved on them. Some of our earrings have the option of adding more than one gemstone, too. Imagine it: giving your mother earrings with all the birthstones of her children as a gift for Mother’s Day or Christmas. Sounds magical, right?

Pair the July birthstone with an iridescent partner such as pearl earrings when you want a gift to really shine.


Gemstone bracelets can take any outfit from casual to classy in seconds. With a simple clasp of a bracelet, you're ready for whatever the night holds. And with Jared's selection of July birthstone jewelry, you'll have all the fashionable options you need.

Our bracelets come in many different options. You can have a string of gems with diamonds in between. Or you can have one large gem in the center with a string of small diamonds on the side. It all depends on what you want to dazzle most: your jewelry or you (or both!).

Cleaning Your Gem

Caring for your rubies is straight-forward and easy. All th ey need for cleaning is warm soapy water and a soft cloth for a gentle wash.

Shop the Birthstone of July Today

Jared has many style options to choose from. Just stop by in-store or browse online to see our wide selection of ruby gemstones and July birthstone jewelry.