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From understanding the process of buying a diamond to navigating your engagement ring style options, Jared has everything you need to plan the perfect proposal. Explore our diamond and engagement guides to learn more.
  • Explore the Engagement Guide at Jared
    The Jared Engagement Guide
    Pinpoint your partner’s style, set a budget, explore custom rings and more.
  • Explore alternative diamond engagement rings
    Alternatives to Diamond Engagement Rings
    Think outside the box and explore beautiful gemstones for your engagement ring.
  • How to design a custom engagement ring
    Design A Custom Engagement Ring
    Metals, gemstone, cut and shape, learn how to make a perfect personalized ring.


Don’t know where to start when it comes to diamond shopping? We’re here to help with diamond advice to point you in the right direction.
  • Learn how to buy diamonds
    How to Buy
    Learn how to shop quality diamonds in your style and budget.
  • Read more about the diamond carat weight system
    Diamond Carat Weight System Explained
    Is bigger better? Learn how to choose the right diamond carat for your ring.
  • Learn more about conflict-free diamonds at Jared
    Understanding Conflict-Free Diamonds
    Learn about our commitment to responsible diamond sourcing for Jared jewelry.
  • Learn about the 4 Diamond Cs
    4 Cs of
    Cut. Color. Clarity. Carat. What to look for in your ideal diamond.


Plan the perfect nuptials and celebrate milestones of your love with our best anniversary and wedding jewelry advice.
  • Shop the wedding band guide
    Wedding Band
    Explore wedding band metals, styles, and shapes worth saying “I do” to.
  • Read more about the anniversary band guide
    Anniversary Band
    Discover the perfect anniversary band to symbolize your growing love story.
  • Learn more about the wedding and anniversary gemstones by year
    Wedding & Anniversary Gemstones by Year
    Explore gemstone anniversary jewelry and the meaning behind each milestone.
  • Learn more about giving diamond anniversary rings
    Gifting Diamond Anniversary Rings
    Seal a lifetime of memories with diamond anniversary ring styles.


From diamond cuts and shapes to the metals and setting you choose, the sky is the limit when it comes to ring styles.
  • Learn more about emerald cut engagement rings
    Emerald Cut Styles
    Make a bold and brilliant statement with elegant emerald cut ring styles.
  • Learn more about princess cut engagement rings
    Princess Cut Rings
    For your fairy tale engagement, explore romantic princess cut rings styles.
  • Learn more about oval cut rings
    Oval Cut Rings
    Let your love shine with oval cut rings for classic and contemporary styles.
  • learn more about pear cut rings
    Pear Cut Rings
    See your love blossom when you explore beautiful pear cut ring styles.


Explore how colorful gemstones, brilliant diamonds, and luxurious metals come together to make stunning jewelry in your unique style.
  • Learn more about alternative metals at Jared
    Alternative Metals
    Go untraditional with alternative metals for unique pieces.
  • Learn more about lab-created gemstones at Jared
    Lab-Created Gemstones
    Make a statement with luxurious lab-created gemstone jewelry.
  • Learn more about lab-created diamonds at Jared
    Lab-Created Diamonds
    Find out if a lab-created diamond is right for you.
  • Pearl Education
    Pearl Education
    Learn about the origins of natural and cultured pearls and their use in jewelry today.


Get to know the basics with resources on the essentials of jewelry care and tips on how to tailor jewelry to your personal style.
  • Learn how to take care of jewelry from Jared
    How to Take Care of Jewelry
    Keep your jewelry shining with our tip on jewelry cleaning and care.
  • Learn to spot the signs of when its time to resize your jewelry
    Does your Ring need to be Resized?
    Is your ring too snug or too loose? Spot the signs of when it’s time to resize
Welcome to our jewelry education section, where you can learn about jewelry and discover all the information you need to become a jewelry expert. Whether you want to know more about engagement rings, diamond advice, wedding, and anniversary guides, or simply want to explore ring styles, metals, stones, and jewelry 101, we've curated a wealth of resources to brush up on your jewelry knowledge. With our expert guidance and information, we've got your covered on what to know about jewelry.