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How to buy diamonds

It’s not every day you shop for a diamond. From an engagement ring to a thoughtful gift to celebrate a special occasion, diamonds are a symbol of love and commitment, so you want to make sure you’re getting a quality stone that makes an impression, but also makes sense for your budget and style. Before you start shopping, take a minute to read through our guide on how to buy diamonds the smart way.

jeweler working on a piece


A jeweler with a good reputation and access to the best diamonds on the market can help guide you towards the right diamonds for you. A good jeweler will listen to your ideas and style preferences and recommend a cut and setting that will make a diamond that fits your budget shine.

You don’t necessarily need a flawless diamond—you just need one that you love. The Master Craftsmen and Certified Diamontologists at Jared’s custom design studio can help you create a truly one-of-a-kind piece that you’ll love for years.


The 4 Cs are the standards by which all diamonds are judged. A professional jeweler can help you navigate the diamond classification system and choose a stone that balances the 4 Cs to fit your unique needs.
The quality of every diamond is based on a combination of:

Considered the most important aspect towards determining diamond quality, the cut refers to the quality of a diamond’s angles, proportions, symmetrical facets, brilliance, fire, scintillation and finishing details. These factors all impact a diamond’s overall sparkle.

diagram about diamond cuts


Color is graded in terms of how white or colorless a diamond is. For a standard diamond, the ideal color is none at all.
diagram about diamond color


Evaluates how clean a diamond is from both inclusions (interior) and blemishes (exterior).
Diamond Clarity