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A mosaic of artisanal textures, sculptural silhouettes, and polished finishes, the Italia D’Oro Collection is a celebration of fine Italian craftsmanship. Inspired by the effortless sophistication and rich culture of Italy’s most iconic cities, each 14K gold creation is designed with the exquisite care and stunning attention to detail that legacy Italian jewelry makers are known for. Made for expressions of confidence, these versatile styles for men and women will become a cornerstone of your wardrobe for years to come.

Featured Collections

  • Explore the new 18K Gold styles in the Italia D'Oro LUXE collection
    Italia D'Oro LUXE
    Boldly chic yet elevated, this 18K gold collection showcases hollow sculptural coiling, woven-link detailing, and distinguished design.
  • Shop all Italia D'Oro Italian gold jewelry for women
    Women's Italia D'Oro
    Crafted with pride and styled with passion, Italia D’Oro jewelry represents the rich history and tradition of luxurious gold jewelry from Italy.
  • Shop LUSSO by Italia D'Oro
    LUSSO by Italia D'Oro
    With contemporary designs and a distinct Italian flair, the Italia D'Oro Men's Collection resonates confidence and sophistication in 14K gold.

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Layers of Luxury

Curate a look that is unique to you with stacks of shining yellow 14K gold.


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Take A Journey to the Heart of Italy With Italia D'Oro, Luxurious Fine 14K Gold Jewelry

The stunning new stunning jewelry collections from the artisans of Italia D’Oro make it easy to express yourself with luxurious style and passionate sophistication. Fashioned in Italy with exquisite care and attention to detail by seasoned craftsmen, these dazzling 14K gold necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings in the Italia D’Oro collection add a distinctive European flair to any style. Inspired by five classic Italian cities and regions known for centuries as capitals of timeless romance and refined culture, these exclusive collections deliver the elegance and sophistication of Italian lifestyles centered around a slower pace of living, attention to craftsmanship and a commitment to doing what you love and loving what you do. Explore the new Italia D’Oro collections and you’re sure to find the perfect piece to declare your personal style to the world. The necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings in the Roma collection feature European-inspired on-trend links with classic elegance. Now you can drape and adorn yourself with the jewelry you deserve. Mix, layer and match these collections for a chic look of high fashion. Shop the Italia D’Oro collection now for timeless classics with updated styling. This collection is the perfect addition to your jewelry wardrobe that can be worn with pride and treasured for years to come. Take home your piece of Italy today.