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How long will it take to create my custom engagement ring?
The custom engagement ring process requires time because it is being created just for you. At Jared, the amount of extra time will vary depending on the type of customization you choose. Pairing a diamond with a setting and customizing by feature will take less time than starting with a sketch. If you bring an original design to life with our Custom Design Studio, it may take up to six weeks. This is an exciting milestone! Let your ideas lead the way and enjoy the process.
Do I have to go into a Jared store to start the custom ring process?
It depends on which customization option you choose. A beautiful thing about working with Jared is the range of custom alternatives we offer. If you select to pair a diamond and setting or customize by feature, you can do it all online and have the ring safely shipped to your home or to the nearest Jared location. If you start with a sketch, you’ll need to make an appointment at one of our Jared Custom Design stores. Because of the high level of detail involved, complete customization requires collaboration with our design experts.
What if I choose the sketch customization option but I don’t have a drawing?
Starting with a sketch simply means that you will be starting from scratch as you collaborate with the experts at Jared to bring your vision to life. You can bring a sketch if you have one, but it’s certainly not a requirement. The only thing you'll need to bring are your ideas — no matter how vague. Conversation is what energizes this process. Based on what you’re looking for, our experts in the store will develop a detailed illustration that will ultimately become your ring.
What if I need to make a return?
Because your custom jewelry was crafted especially for you, we cannot accept returns or exchanges on custom-designed engagement rings or other personalized merchandise like class rings, special order watches, or any engraved jewelry.
How can I make sure the ring fits?
Every custom engagement ring is measured and fitted precisely as part of the design process. For added confidence that your custom order will always fit perfectly, add an Extended Service Plan. It covers resizing, prong replacement, and more — for its lifetime.