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Brilliance Within™ Collection

White Brilliance Within by Luminous Diamonds logo on a navy blue background.

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The Brilliance Within™ collection features fluorescent diamonds that have the unique ability to glow in UV light. On the diamond fluorescence scale, only 15% of diamonds exhibit this rare natural glow. Make your jewelry stand out from the rest with a diamond that has the power to make your ring, necklace, earrings or bracelet even more eye-catching.


In sunshine you see brilliance. Under ultraviolet light, your diamond shimmers with radiant blue fluorescence.

Woman wearing Brilliance Within fluorescent diamond ring and cross pendant.

Brilliance Within fluorescent diamond fashion ring on a rock with water in the background.

Close up shot of a woman wearing a Brilliance Within fluorescent diamond heart necklace


Curved bar pendant with three fluorescent diamonds glowing on a black background.