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Personalize In Just A Few Steps

  • Start with a box chain or paperclip chain
    Start With A Chain
    Select the foundation of your unique creation by opting for either the classic elegance of a 10K chain or the modern allure of a beaded strand.
  • Choose a Lulu Frost charm to add to your chain
    Choose A Charm
    Bring your story to life by adorning your selection with cherished charms that reflect your individuality and journey.
  • Add to your Lulu Frost charm collection
    Add To Your Collection
    Personalize your collection with charm sets, colors, letters, and numbers that express your individual style and unique story.

What Style Inspires You?

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History of Charm'd by Lulu Frost jewelry collection

History of Charm'd by Lulu Frost jewelry collection

About Lulu Frost

Inspired by the love between a grandmother and her granddaughter, Charm'd by Lulu Frost is more than a jewelry brand - it's a celebration of life's most-special aspects, from our families and friends, to personal milestones and cherished memories. Founded in 2004 by then 21-year-old designer Lisa Salzer as ode to her estate-jewelry expert grandma Elizabeth Frost, the collection's symbolic charms, letters and numbers invite you to be the designer by choosing pieces that reflect your one-of-a-kind self.

Lisa's long-standing belief that jewelry has the power to heal, transform and channel intention and energy makes each Charm'd by Lulu Frost piece more than just a pretty adornment. These modern-day heirlooms are meant to be cherished and passed down to future generations, much like our grandmothers did for us. A deep respect for antique and vintage jewelry traditions, combined with a bold style-obsessed lens are at the core of the Charm'd by Lulu Frost DNA. Simultaneously classic and contemporary, the line beautifully reflects your unique facets, life journey and loved ones, curated and collected by you. Welcome to the Charm'd by Lulu Frost world - we're so glad you're here.