Inclusivity is ingrained into our DNA at Jared, and we truly believe that Love inspires Love. Check back for more updates as we celebrate Pride.


Equality is good for our employees, our customers, and our business. That's why we're proud to be part of the business coalition for the equality act, representing 400+ major companies, 14.6 million employees, operations in all 50 states, and a collective revenue of $6.8 trillion. Together, we join fights to protect LGBTQ Americans who lack adequate protections in nearly 30 states across the country.


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"Hey! We’re Sarah & Carlea. [We] live in an apartment with our two puppies in the Dallas area. Sarah spends her time slaying hair and Carlea is a full time Speech Language Pathology student at University of Texas at Dallas. In between school days Carlea also works at Baylor Rehab as a Patient Service Specialist. When we aren’t working you will see us either buying decor for the apartment or vegging out and decompressing together... Everyone that we have contact with, family & chosen family, are all very supportive of our love. Just stay surrounded by the ones that do actually love and support you because those are the ones that matter, especially surrounding your love, marriage and wedding day." @sarah_delagarza & @carlea__isabel
photographer: @imsteph


"We met at the University of Delaware where we both studied nursing! We were in the same classes, groups, lectures throughout all four years of school, but we did not get close until our senior year when we both studied abroad to South Africa and Tanzania! Katie fell in love (unknowingly to Mick) during the trip! However, nothing happened until we returned back to school! Legend has it a drunk kiss in a bar bathroom started it all... and the rest is her-story!! Haha. After we graduated we moved in together, moved to a new state to start our nursing careers, and Katie proposed (and beat Mick to it) in September 2020! Katie is still waiting on that ring from Mick hopefully in the near future!" @mickandkatie


"Jesse and I met in college when we were lab partners in our organic chemistry class. At the time I didn’t know if he was gay or would be interested in me. All semester I tried to drop hints that I was gay by wearing pride T-shirts to lab. It wasn’t until the end of the semester, when Jesse asked me on a date, that I finally got my answer. Nearly 6 years later and Jesse and I are engaged, he has his PhD and I’m in optometry school. I believe that everything happens for a reason and I’m so grateful that Jesse and I both decided to take that class when we did! Thank you Jared for helping to make this event so special with the perfect ring for him!" @brian_bouchard


"The two worked together for a year and a half and became great friends before getting different jobs in education. They remained the best of friends despite getting to work together. Both went through a lot in a quick amount of time... But one thing that remained consistent was their love and support they consistently showed each other despite all that life through at them. Boston is where this love story truly got its start. While there are so many fairy tail-like experiences and moments... the foundation of friendship had grown and they knew that life was going to be forever changed after this because life without each other wasn't an option and life with each other just made the most sense. Love was declared in Boston on a car ride back into the city on the Zakim Bridge. From that point on they both knew the feelings they had were special and worth hanging on to....for forever." @coachtrevino



Can't Cancel Pride was established by a group of brands that have come together for the greater good, to help us celebrate Pride a little differently this year - because Pride is bigger than an event or even a month; it lives in all of us, and it comes in any form in which we wish to show it.

PRIDE 2021
Because Spectacular displays of love can never be canceled.
SAVE THE DATE JUNE 4TH 9:00PM facebook youtube and tiktok

Can't Cancel Pride: A Fundraising Event Supporting the LGBTQ+ Community

iHeartRadio and P&G are excited to announce the return of can't cancel pride - a celebration to raise visibility and funds for the LGBTQ+ community.

Join us, Friday, June 4th as Elvis Duran and Bebe Rexha host the biggest names in culture and entertainment for the ultimate Pride Party. Together, let's show the LGBTQ+ community they are not alone and raise much needed funds for the organizations providing life-saving resources and services like GLAAD, SAGE, The Trevor Project, the National Black Justice Coalition, CenterLink and OutRight Action International.

The month long celebration will kick-off with a one hour special streaming on iHeartRadio’s Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok pages, iHeartRadio’s PrideRadio.com and Revry as well as broadcast on iHeartMedia stations nationwide and on the iHeartRadio app Friday, June 4th at 9 p.m. local time and then available on demand through Thursday, June 30th. Visit CantCancelPride.com for more info.




So for the 6th Anniversary of marriage equality in America, we couldn't be more excited to share with you the
Love Proudly Ring, an exclusive Pride ring devoted to celebrating your love.

14K gold rings featuring 9 natural semi-precious gemstones including black spinel, smoky quartz, garnet, citrine, peridot, blue zircon, amethyst and white sapphire to pay tribute to the Pride rainbow

Exclusively at Jared, the Love Proudly Ring is a special Pride ring designed to celebrate love in every form and commemorate the 6-year anniversary of marriage equality in America. Whoever you love, complete their look with this 14K gold masterpiece, featuring 9 natural semi-precious gemstones including black spinel, smoky quartz, garnet, citrine, peridot, blue zircon, amethyst and white sapphire to pay tribute to the Pride rainbow.