International Women's Day 2020

At Jared, we want to inspire and empower women to shine every day, especially on International Women's Day 2020. We are proud to support the strength, determination and kindness of women around the world. Some of the best inventions and greatest innovations were created by women, while others heroically paved the way for those to come. Honor your heroines and yourself by shopping our beautiful selection of Rembrandt charms, MICHELE watches for women, Honora pearls, Shy Creation jewelry and more. Celebrate the amazing women in your life with a personal gift from Jared.

International Women's Day is March 8, 2020


Woman crafting a John Hardy iconic chain bracelet. Explore John Hardy at Jared.

John Hardy


John Hardy’s iconic Classic Chain is hand woven solely by women artisans, using Balinese techniques passed down through generations. Our signature style may appear simple, but it’s a labor of love, taking four hours to create one inch of chain link by link.


Shop Shy Creation

Shy Creation


Shy creation encourages women to love, express and be themselves. The Shy brand emerged as "the" lifestyle brand for women proclaiming their own unique expression of empowerment and style.


Shop Alex Woo

Alex Woo


Alex Woo designs sculptural fine jewelry charms for women to express the most important moments in their lives and cherish what they hold dear. As a woman owned and operated business for over 15 years, Alex has proudly collaborated with other female founded businesses and charities like the BCRF. Supporting and celebrating women is what she does everyday.


Honora Pearl Jewelry- Find your luster - Find your own unique way to glow

Honora Pearls


Here's to Women's History Month! Honora believes in empowering women by making genuine, high-quality pearl jewelry accessible to all, regardless of age, her wealth or her status. Like pearls, no two people are alike - and our individuality is the best part of ourselves! Find Your Luster.


Shop Rembrandt Charms



Rembrandt Charms encourages every woman to Tell Her Story through charms. Create a one-of-a-kind bracelet that can be passed down to inspire the next generation of amazing women in your life. You are strong, you are powerful, you are beautiful, you are a caregiver, you are a friend, you are a woman!


Shop House of Virtruve

House of Virtruve


The future is bright and at House of Virtruve, all women shine! Our fearless designs are inspired by women's individuality and unique style. We celebrate and empower woman of all ages to be bold, confident and share their story.


Shop Michele Watches



At MICHELE we are a female led team with diverse backgrounds who are influenced by individuality, self-expression and elevated style. Our mission is to connect women with pieces that reflect her beauty and celebrate her milestone moments.



International Women's Day at Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry

Celebrate International Women's Day 2020 with inspirational and empowering jewelry from Jared. We have unique designs and beautiful pieces of jewelry for every style. From Rembrandt charms and Honora pearl jewelry to Olivia Burton watches for women and Alex Woo jewelry,discover the perfect International Women’s Day gift. MICHELE watches for women are created by a female-led team with a diverse background that is influenced by individuality and selfexpression. With House of Virtruve jewelry, all women shine. Their unique women’s day gifts empower women of all ages to be bold and confident. Like Honora pearls, no two women are alike. Honora pearl jewelry celebrates the best part of ourselves–our individuality. Celebrate her with International Women’s Day jewelry and show you understand her on a deeper level. Shop Jared’s inspirational designers and unique collections to give thoughtful gifts for women’s day 2020. Together, we inspire and empower every women of every style.

What is International Women's Day?

International Women's Day (IWD) is a global day (March 8) celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender equality. How do I celebrate International Women's Day? Celebrate International Women’s Day on Sunday, March 8th by championing women around the world - Honor women’s achievements, raise awareness of gender bias and take action for gender equality.

What colors represent IWD?

Purple is the internationally recognized color for symbolizing women around the world. Purple also signifies justice and dignity.

What is the history of IWD?

The first International Women’s Day in 1911 was supported by over a million people. Today, it is celebrated by all groups – No one charity, corporation, network or media hub is solely responsible for the celebration. Many organizations declare an IWD theme to support their individual causes, but IWD is a collective day of global celebration and an international call for gender equality.

Why celebrate IWD 2020 with jewelry?

Jewelry has been used by women for centuries to express and celebrate their individualism. It is what bonds us as women and what defines us as individuals. Celebrate the important women in your life with a gorgeous gift, or treat yourself to something inspirational.