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Knowing your ring size can be the difference between a ring that’s just right and a ring that slips and slides around your finger. If you don’t already know your number, we’ll teach you how get your ring measurements for the perfect fit.

What Affects Your Ring Size?

In general, getting a good ring measurement is an easy process. Still, there are a few pitfalls to be aware of that can throw off your fit. These factors can impact your ring measurement:

It’s perfectly normal for fingers expand in the heat and shrink in cold. Measuring during colder, normal, and hotter temperatures can tell you how much allowance you need for a comfortable fit.

Recent Exercise:
Taking a ring measurement fresh off your workout may not be the best plan. Exercising raises your body temperature, so you will get a larger measurement and end up with a loose-fitting ring.

Measure Your Knuckle Too:
Measure both the base of your finger and your knuckle. Why? This helps account for your ring being able to get over your knuckle and fit snug on your finger.

3 Ways To Get Your Ring Size

Now you that you know what to watch out for when taking your ring size, you’re ready to start. Here are a few of the most common ways to get your ring measurement with tools you can use at home.

Print the Jared Ring Sizer
Two white gold, diamond rings from Jared.

1. Use a Ring That Fits for Comparison

Already have a ring that fits perfectly, but don’t know the size? No problem! You can use tools, like our paper test, to find your measurement. Follow the directions on our printable Ring Sizer tool and easily match your ring with its size.


2. Try Out the String Test

Rather start fresh with a new measurement? All you need is a piece of string, a marker and a ruler. First, wrap the string securely around your ring wearing finger and mark where the string overlaps. Line up the taut, but not stretched, marked string with a ruler for your measurement.

White gold, diamond engagement ring from Jared.

3. Opt for the Paper Test

If you don’t have string at home, you can do the exact same method but with paper. All you need to do is cut a long strip of paper, wrap it around your finger, mark the overlapping sections, and measure. You can also try out printable paper test that tells you your size right on the paper you use to measure.


Ring Size and Measurements

Standard ring sizes in the United States range from three up to thirteen and a half. Here’s how your measurements match up ring sizes in stores:

Ring Size

Diameter (Millimeters)

Diameter (Centimeters)


14.0 MM

1.40 CM


14.4 MM

1.44 CM


14.8 MM

1.48 CM


15.2 MM

1.52 CM


15.6 MM

1.56 CM


16.0 MM

1.60 CM


16.45 MM

1.645 CM


16.9 MM

1.69 CM


17.3 MM

1.73 CM


17.7 MM

1.77 CM


18.2 MM

1.82 CM


18.6 MM

1.86 CM


19.0 MM

1.90 CM


19.4 MM

1.94 CM


19.8 MM

1.98 CM


20.2 MM

2.02 CM


20.6 MM

2.06 CM


21.0 MM

2.10 CM


21.4 MM

2.14 CM


21.8 MM

2.18 CM


22.2 MM

2.22 CM


22.6 MM

2.26 CM

Ring Sizing FAQs

We offer ring resizing as part of our jewelry repairs services at Jared. We accept in-person ring resizing appointments and can usually complete resizing on the same day, often within an hour. See how our experts can help when you book a ring resizing appointment near you.

If your ring is uncomfortably tight during hot weather, it may be worth considering sizing up the ring. If it is too loose in colder weather, but otherwise comfortable, you can consider other jewelry aids. Talk to a jeweler about alterations like ring-beads or fold-overs that can give you a snugger fit without fully altering ring size.

Yes! If you're not happy with your purchase, we want to make it right. You can return or exchange your ring at any Jared store for up to 30 days after purchase (date shipped for online orders).
Please note: We can handle a return at but exchanges must be done at one of our stores.

Some rings cannot be resized depending on the material and type of alteration. Metals like tungsten carbine, titanium, and stainless steel will typically not be resized by jewelers. Also, it is not recommended to alter a ring up or down by more than two ring sizes.

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