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Garnet Birthstone - Garnet Rings & Garnet Jewelry 




Garnet Jewelry - Garnet Rings & More

From ruby red to smoky brown, garnet gemstones and garnet jewelry sparkle with vibrancy. The garnet gets its name from the pomegranate as it bears a striking resemblance to its seeds. Garnet is January's birthstone and a beloved gemstone choice.

Jewelry with Garnet

The garnet can sometimes resemble a ruby. You can tell the difference between the stones because a garnet usually has a deeper red color. Although red is the main garnet color, this gemstone can be found in shades of green, orange and pink, as well.

In some cultures, garnet gemstones symbolize the celebration of the new year! The garnet looks especially beautiful with rose gold options, but pairs well with all types of gold.

Shop Garnet Jewelry

Whether you're looking for garnet jewelry for yourself or for someone special, stop by a Jared store near you for all your jewelry needs. You'll love Jared's collection of garnet rings, garnet necklaces, garnet charms, garnet bracelets and more. We have something for everyone who loves garnet birthstones!