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Emerald Jewelry - Emerald Rings & More

With its rich green color, the emerald is a gemstone extraordinaire. Cleopatra loved emeralds, as have members of high society for thousands of years. Emeralds are thought to bring romance and bliss to relationships.

History also shows this beautiful gemstone believed to be a protector against evil. Some believe the person wearing emerald jewelry is able to detect someone lying.

Birthstone of May

Emerald is also the birthstone of May, making jewelry using the precious gemstone a vibrant choice for those born in that month. Jewelry options include stunning emerald rings and delicate emerald necklaces.

Emeralds are often a deep shade of green. We have various jewelry styles to fit every personality type! You can even create your own jewelry designs using emeralds.

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Whether you love the color or want to make a powerful jewelry choice, jewelry with emeralds is a sight to behold. Shop emerald rings, earrings, necklaces and more with Jared. Stop by a store near you to browse jewelry in person.