Festival and Concert Jewelry

As your schedule fills up with music festivals and concerts, choosing your summer outfits for those events is all part of the fun. What to wear to a concert or music festival is a playful mix of comfort and fashion trends - and with an extra touch of sparkle from Jared's expert jewelry advice, you'll rock your look all season long.
Jewelry to wear to summer music festivals and concerts

Music Festival Style

Feather and Tassel Jewelry

Feather and Tassel jewelry to wear at music festivals

Festival style is a breed all its own, from free-flowing kimonos to camo print crop tops and neon-colored platform boots. Feather and tassel designs are classic looks for any festival and a stylish way to incorporate movement into your overall look. 


Nature-Inspired Jewelry

Nature-inspired jewelry looks to wear to music festivals

Whether the festival is in the desert or on a grassy field, your jewelry styles can pull from nature with organic shapes and gemstones.



Anklets to wear at summer music festivals

Stacked anklets are a great choice to show off a unique sandal and complement a variety of earring and necklace styles.


Summer Concert Style

Geometric Jewelry

Geometric jewelry styles to wear at summer concerts

Jewelry to wear to a concert can be just as bold and attention-grabbing as the band on stage.


Gemstone Statement Jewelry

Gemstone statement jewelry styles to wear at summer concerts.

Amplify your personal style with large statement pieces over a vintage band tee-shirt and sneakers or a simple dress with sandals.