Bridal Sets - What You Should Know

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Bridal Sets: What You Should Know

You're thinking of a proposal and, of course, you're thinking about the engagement ring. Before you buy though, make sure you've considered the convenient option of a set.

What is a bridal set?
A bridal set consists of 2 rings: an engagement ring and a matching band for the bride. There is no wedding band for the groom included in a bridal set.

Why buy in sets?
Bridal sets ensure that rings match - something shoppers do not always consider when buying an engagement ring alone. A set reflects a cohesive style, metal, shape and proportion - elements you would be required to match on your own after the fact, which can be difficult.

Many matching sets feature overlapping designs, another way to highlight the center diamond. The wedding band is actually contoured to slide under the engagement ring further so that the two rings fit together.

You might also want to consider if you want the bride and groom's bands to match each other.