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Popular Watch Types

Popular watch types for men and women at Jared.

 Dress Watches 

While the lines between watch types such as dress watches and casual watches have blurred, there are still some distinct differences between the two. Dress watches tend to have simple, elegant faces. They are usually thin, with metal bodies and leather bands. When shopping for a dress watch, it is important to identify how traditionally formal you'd like the watch to be. More formal dress watches call for a light-colored dial and a black leather band. They omit any extraneous details that go above and beyond telling the time.

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Casual Watches

Casual watches, much like casual clothing, tend to reflect their sporting roots. They often feature complications that extend beyond telling the time, like a stopwatch or additional dials. Many have oversized cases, metal or non-leather bands and faces with unique colors. There are many types of casual watches including dive watches, field watches and other watch styles. At Jared, we have everything you need and more to find the perfect casual watch or dress watch to fit your style and unique tastes.

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