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Popular Watch Styles

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What are the different types of watches?

With so many watch styles to choose from, finding the ideal watch that you are going to want to wear can be tricky. From dive watches to field watches and aviator styles, Jared has a huge selection of the most popular watch styles available on the market.

No matter what the occasion, there is a watch that will match your style. While most categories have smartwatch options, this guide will help you navigate different watch styles with confidence. 

Other types of watches from Jared include pocket watches and watches for kids . Sometimes finding the perfect style of watch for you is best done in person. You can make an appointment and schedule an in-person watch fitting at your local Jared store.

Dive Watches

When it comes to watches that are popular, the dive watch is one of the most prolific men's watch styles. 

Accurate timekeeping is crucial when diving underwater with a finite amount of oxygen. Dive watches tend to be superior pieces when it comes to keeping time. 

In addition to accuracy, other key defining features of dive watches include superior water resistance. Dive watches also typically have a case and band material that is corrosion resistant and a large readable dial. Another characteristic of dive watches is a unidirectional rotating bezel that can be turned to monitor increments of time.

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Field Watches

A field watch must be rugged. They typically sport cases made of stainless steel, PVD coatings or titanium construction. Field watch bands are traditionally made out of canvas or leather, so they can easily be swapped out if damaged.

Field watches often feature a high contrast black dial, with white numbering, as they must be readable, even in low light conditions. 

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Aviator Watches

Military pilots spurred many developments in the watch industry, due to the importance of having an accurate timepiece in the cockpit. 

Aviator watches feature extremely large dials with luminous hands that allow for easy reading at night. They also often have additional dials that allow the user to easily measure specific units of time. Many aviator watches have additional, specific aviation functions, added to satisfy the various needs of pilots.

Aviator watches often include countdown alarms, date and time displays and other time management features. Many aviator watches from Jared boast connected Bluetooth capabilities and solar technology.

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Racing Watches

There are two features that define a great racing watch: a chronograph and a tachymeter. 

A chronograph is a watch with a separate stopwatch function housed in a sub-dial. Pushers at the 2 o'clock and 4 o'clock positions control it.

A tachymeter is a specific type of bezel used to make distance and time calculations.

Racing watches tend to be much bolder than other watch styles. The watch face will have far more color options than the high-contrast faces of field watches or dive watches. Watch bands vary in material depending on the watch, from stainless steel to rubber to leather.

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