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Watch Education - FAQs

Movado watch with black and gold dial

What is a watch movement?

A watch movement, or caliber, is the internal mechanism inside the watch that powers the timepiece and its functions. The movement is an essential component in a watch and there are countless different movements created by manufacturers utilizing proprietary innovations.

Quartz Movement:

Quartz movements are the most typical movements found in watches. They are very accurate and require minimal maintenance aside from battery replacement. Quartz movements utilize a battery, which sends an electrical current through a small quartz crystal, that keeps the movement oscillating and drive the watch's motor to move the watch hands.

Mechanical Movement:

Collectors and enthusiasts often choose mechanical movements over quartz movements due to their level of quality and craftsmanship. Skillfully created by watchmakers, mechanical movements contain an intricate series of tiny components working together to power the timepiece. They use energy from a wound spring rather than a battery to power the watch. Mechanical watches need to be wound frequently in order to keep accurate time and perform properly.


CITIZEN's Eco-Drive technology is a quartz movement powered by light. The technology has been designed to convert both natural and artificial light into energy to work the watch functions. Eco-Drive watches do not require battery replacement, charging or winding to maintain operation.


Is Jared an Authorized Dealer for the watches they carry?

Yes. Jared is an authorized dealer for all of the watches that they sell. This means that whenever you purchase a watch at Jared you can rest assured that the provenance is authentic and the watch will be covered under the manufacturer's warranty.


Where can I have my watch repaired?

Every Jared has a design and service center on-site with expertly trained jewelers that can examine and repair most watches. However, some watches have particular movements or seals that can only be replaced by the manufacturer. If your watch falls into this category, we can help you arrange for a repair through the manufacturer.


How Should I Care For My Watch?

Every watch has unique instructions for cleaning and caring. Our expert jewelers are happy to show you exactly how to clean and care for every one of your watches, no matter the make or model. Simply bring your watch by your nearest Jared and our jeweler will be happy to talk with you.