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Unique Engagement Rings - Gemstone Engagement Rings




RED    |     YELLOW     |     GREEN     |     BLUE     |     VIOLET     |     PINK     |     BLACK

A yellow diamond ring with white diamonds on the band on a white background next to the words “Yellow Diamonds”.



that distinctly reflect who you are with our unique engagement ring collection at Jared. From gemstone engagement rings to other one-of-a-kind styles, unique engagement rings are unparalleled and show-stopping. 


An aquamarine diamond ring on a white background next to a large light blue dot with the word “Aquamarine”.
An emerald ring with a diamond halo on a white background next to a large green dot with the word “Emerald”.
A morganite engagement ring with diamonds on a white background next to a pink dot and the word “Morganite”.
A sapphire engagement ring with diamonds on a white background with a dark blue dot next to it with the word “Sapphire”.
A rose gold garnet ring on a white background with diamonds next to a deep red dot and the word “Garnet”.
A black diamond ring with white diamonds on a white background next to a black dot and the words “Black Diamond”.
A rose gold ruby ring with diamonds on a white background next to an orange dot and the word “Ruby”.
A tanzanite ring with diamonds surrounding the center gem against a white background with a large violet dot and the word “Tanzanite”.
A topaz ring with diamonds against a white background and next to a turquoise dot and the word “Topaz”.





Unique Engagement Rings and Gemstone Engagement Rings

Rings represent everlasting love and a sacred commitment between you and your partner. The engagement ring style you choose is a direct reflection of the person you are and the looks you love. Discover Jared's collection of unique engagement rings that reflect who you are. Unique engagement rings are an expressive choice. After all, an engagement ring is an expression of you. It should be as unique as you are. That’s where gemstones come in. Engagement ring styles have two main categories: traditional engagement rings and unique engagement rings. Unique engagement rings are bold and daring. They're distinct and exciting, creating a whole new world of engagement ring options. Unique engagement rings have many different factors that could make them one-of-a-kind. This includes the cut of the gemstone, the materials for the setting and more.

What is the Best Gemstone For an Engagement Ring?

Gemstones can be very personal when included in jewelry. They can represent your birth month, a special memory or be simple self-expression. Gemstone rings can also have different diamonds such as uncut diamonds, colored diamonds or multiple stones. This makes picking a gemstone engagement ring a very personal experience. Gemstone engagement rings offer a great deal of variety. They have an array of colors and some gems have distinct meanings. These representations make them a thoughtful engagement ring choice. Picking out a gemstone can even be a special experience you share with your partner. Hint: be playful about picking your diamond-alternative engagement ring. You can design your own ring or choose one from our selection in-store or online. Do you want a fiery ruby, a romantic morganite or a pensive aquamarine? Of course, the experience doesn’t end with picking a gemstone. Jared has many ring decoration options. You could get diamond accents or a halo of diamonds around the center gem for a personalized look.

Popularity of Non-Diamond Engagement Rings

Gemstone engagement rings continue to be popular among celebrities, in fashion and pop culture. One of the most notable unique rings was given to Kate Middleton of British Royal fame. Her engagement ring has a large blue sapphire in the center with a halo of diamonds around it. It is easy to see why more and more people opt for striking sapphire engagement rings. Some of the most popular gemstone engagement rings are aquamarine, morganite, blue topaz, yellow beryl and sapphire. These colors stand out while maintaining an effortless elegance. They also make for an edgy and chic way to celebrate your incredible, one-of-a-kind love story.

Blue and White Sapphire Engagement Rings

When you conjure the sapphire stone in your mind, you might think of the giant heart-shaped necklace from the movie Titanic. That famous deep blue color isn’t the only kind of sapphire featured in gemstone engagement rings these days. Now, you can find blue sapphire engagement rings as well as white sapphire engagement rings. Mineral deposits like chromium, titanium, copper, magnesium and iron affect the stone’s color. Traditionally, sapphire exists on the island of Madagascar. But specialists can create the stones in labs, too. This enhances affordability without sacrificing brilliance, color and other important factors for a unique engagement ring.

Morganite Engagement Rings

Like blue sapphire, morganite has found a new home in the form of diamond-alternative engagement rings. The unique gemstone rose beryl, also known as Morganite, was first discovered on the island of Madagascar. Gemologist George F. Kunz named it after his patron, the famous banker J.P. Morgan. Morganite generally offers a peach shade on the pink spectrum. This makes this diamond-alternative a great option for a rose gold setting. Complementing morganite engagement rings with diamonds often helps that soft blush color impress even more.

Aquamarine Engagement Rings

The aquamarine stone brings tremendous history to your unique engagement ring. It dates back to Roman times and even earlier to the Sumerians and Egyptians. Medieval citizens thought the stone inspired passion in relationships and protected soldiers on the battlefield. The blue-green aquamarine evokes images of a softly rolling ocean wave. Some of the lighter shade stones can even appear similar to diamonds. As such, aquamarine engagement rings make perfect candidates for diamond or white sapphire accents. Aquamarine shines best in emerald, pear or oval-shaped cuts.

Emerald Engagement Rings

The verdant and glistening emerald gemstone is a fantastic diamond-alternative. It can range in shades, but generally features a rich green color. Some cultures believe it signifies rebirth, as well. Emerald engagement rings shine no matter what setting you choose. From white gold to silver, a single statement stone is sure to catch the eyes of anyone in the room.

Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Though many diamond-alternative engagement rings involve gemstones, there is another option. Black diamond engagement rings offer a modern-day twist on the classic. The daring and dramatic black diamond is versatile and eye-catching. It works in any setting and in almost any cut style. Accenting it with a diamond halo further accentuates the uniqueness of the black diamond centerpiece.

Alternative Engagement Rings

Of course, the options for gemstone engagement rings don't end there. You can find many more unique engagement rings at a Jared store near you. One of our in-store associates can also help with questions you may have regarding settings, pricing and more. View Less View More