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Types of Chains and Chain Styles

A pendant needs just the right necklace type or chain to show it off. No matter what style you prefer, Jared carries different types of chains for every occasion. From unique chains meant to be worn alone to chains designed to show off your favorite treasures, we have it all. Jared carries many styles in materials ranging from traditional gold and sterling silver to more modern options like rose gold and stainless steel.

Popular Chain Types

  • A gold rope necklace against a white background.

    Rope Chain

    The rope chain is composed of two thick strands woven together, giving the appearance of a twisted effect.
  • A gold Cuban necklace \\(also known as a curb link chain\\)  against a white background.

    Curb & Cuban Chains

    A popular style for men, Cuban chains are made of twisted oval-shaped links designed to lie flat and resist kinks. These are also known as curb link chains.
  • A gold paperclip necklace against a white background.

    Paperclip Chains

    Chic, simplistic, yet easy to wear, paperclip chains gracefully adjoin together to create an exquisite contemporary necklace with or without gemstones and charms.
  • A silver Figaro necklace against a white background.

    Figaro Chains

    Figaro chains are characterized by their patterned link structure. Typically, one long rectangular link is followed by three smaller round links.
  • A silver box necklace against a white background.

    Box Chains

    Square-shaped links connect to form smooth boxes, for which this chain is named.
  • A gold mariner chain on a white background

    Mariner Chains

    Oval links with a diving bar through the middle of each link create this strong and kink-resistant chain. The mariner chain is named for the chain style used to anchor boats to a dock.
  • A gold wheat necklace against a white background.

    Wheat Chains

    Wheat chains get their name for their resemblance to the top of wheat stalks. The chain's semi-rigid structure is formed by oval links woven together for a stylish textural look. 
  • A rose gold cable necklace against a white background.

    Cable Chains

    Cable chains are popular for holding pendants or charms. Their structure is made of small oval rings linked to form the desired chain length.
  • A silver snake necklace against a white background.

    Snake Chains

    Flexible snake chains are named for their resemblance to a snake skin pattern. Small, wavy links join tightly to create the seemingly flat profile of this chain.