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Best Sweet 16 Jewelry Gift Ideas

Best Sweet 16 Jewelry Gift Ideas at Jared

Birthday Gifts for Your Sweet 16-Year-Old

It may be hard to believe, but your little princess is turning sixteen.

Sixteen really is a sweet age. Around this time your little girl is learning to drive, finding her own way, and maybe even going on a date or two. And now is a great time to gift her with a piece of fine jewelry.

As you start shopping for the ideal birthday gift, try to find the balance between timeless and trendy. This is something she'll want to keep forever, and if you think she'll appreciate a classic piece, she may wear it for years to come.

Stumped on where to start? Consider these 6 ideas for sweet sixteen inspiration.

Start simple
When it comes to jewelry, simple pieces go a long way. Whether it's a pair of sparkling diamond studs or a gold pendant, simple styles are versatile and easily paired with the ever-changing style of a 16-year-old.

Play up her personality
Does your daughter feel more like your BFF? Maybe she has a wild and free spirit. Whatever her personality may be, she might appreciate jewelry that's more fun than classic. By choosing playful pieces like a gemstone ring or dangle earrings , she'll be able to wear your gift while staying true to her own sense of style.

Birthstone beauties
If you've never given her birthstone jewelry, now is the perfect time. Studs, necklaces, or rings never go out of style. And if she already has birthstone jewelry, don't worry! A new addition will only enhance her collection.

16's the charm
As a teenager, turning sixteen feels like an epic milestone. So why not let your little girl wear that with pride? By giving her a "Sweet 16" charm for her charm bracelet, you'll make sure she's walking confidently into a new year full of adventures.

Make it meaningful
If your sixteen-year-old has a sentimental side, now is a great time to give her a gift with a deeper meaning. Think about something inspirational like a pendant that reads "hope" or "wish." Or if she's religious, consider giving her a piece of jewelry that symbolizes her faith. You could also choose a personalized style that celebrates her big day.

Princess perfection
Do you still call your teenage daughter your little princess? Then give her a gift that represents her role in your life. Whether it's a simple heart-shaped ring, crown earrings, or a tiara pendant, she'll feel like royalty.

As with any gift, make sure you keep her style and wants in mind. Stay true to her personality and remember that no matter what piece you choose, her sweet 16 will always be a birthday to remember.