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Stacking Bracelets

Woman wearing layered gold bracelets from Jared

Mixing and matching bracelets into a stackable style is a popular trend that anyone can pull off. Wondering where to start? We can help.

First things first
Stacking bracelets is one of the most popular trends today. When you've got a wide range of jewelry in your closet, it only makes sense!

Before you run to your jewelry box and start stacking, take a couple of things into consideration. Think about how many bracelets you would like to wear, what style you're going for, which colors and metals look best together, and how to balance the look on one or both arms. Simple or glam, this look can work for anyone with the courage to try it.

Start simple
There are a few ways for you to experiment with wearing multiple bracelets at once. First, try out the trend on one arm instead of both. The best way to begin is by choosing just a few bracelets that have something in common, like color or width. Try pairing them with a stylish watch to spice up the look.

Consider starting with a base layer of thin, simple bangles and then add one or two complementary pieces to diversify your look.

Mixed or matching
When it comes to layering bracelets, the possibilities are endless, and the only rule is to have fun! One way to do that is by creating a striking blend of colors, metals, and widths. All of the colors of gold can be worn together. And that bold watch - the one with the leather strap you love - can easily be paired with a delicate beaded bracelet, a sleek solid bangle, or a chain.

Keep it balanced
It's important to create a balance with the other accessories you may be wearing, especially rings. Remember that going heavy on bracelets works best when your outfit is simple and monochromatic. If you're planning to wear a stack on both arms, choose fewer styles and keep your plans for that day in mind while picking out your outfit. You want your personal style to speak volumes without your bracelets being too loud.

Now that you've learned the ropes... ready, set, stack!