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  • Two diamond anniversary bands
    Diamond Rings
    Sparkling diamonds add an elegant sophistication to your ring stack.
  • Citrine and black onyx rings.
    Gemstone Rings
    Layer on vibrant hues for a powerfully chic statement.

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What Stack Inspires You?

One of the biggest trends in jewelry in years is stacking rings, with no sign of this trend going out of style. It has left many jewelry lovers and fashion enthusiasts on the continuous search for the perfect novelty ring to add to their collection. Unlike the wedding band stack, stacking fashion rings don't revolve around an engagement ring.

Without an engagement ring as the centerpiece, stacking fashion rings tend to be more playful. These stacks of rings often feature a mixture of metals, varying stone sizes, and gemstones.
Stacking wedding bands is one of the biggest bridal jewelry trends. Who doesn't want more bridal sparkle? Popularized by the rise of social media, stacking wedding bands is a modern way for brides to style up their engagement rings, add some personalization and have fun with jewelry.

Creating a wedding band is entirely customizable. There is no right or wrong way to create the 'perfect' stack for your wedding bands. However, there are best practices when creating your stack; you should always experiment with different shapes, metals, stones and textures that complement your engagement ring. Mixing these different elements helps add character and constantly reminds you of your brilliant love.

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