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A smart watch takes the sophistication of watches to a whole new level. At Jared, these sought after smart watches for men and women combine the basic capability of a watch and the versatility of a smartphone. Find top smart watches from an array of notable brands such as TAG Heuer, Garmin, Movado, Michele, Citizen, Fossil, Skagen, Frederique Constant and Misfit.


These sleek watches are both convenient and useful with a handsome look. Cherished by both men and women alike, our top smart watches are a sophisticated and sleek accessory. To find the watch for you and what it could cost, read on.


How Much are Round Smart Watches

Smart watch prices range from $100 - $5,000. Whether these are women's smart watches or men's smart watches, the cost of one depends on many different factors. So which one is right for you? Below we will look at deciding factors such as:

  • Compatibility
  • Hybrid vs. Touch Screen
  • Style and Customization
  • Alerts
  • Apps and Features

Let's start with compatibility.

Smart Watch Compatibility

At Jared, we know that these watches work best when connected to a smartphone. We also know that you wouldn't want to buy a watch only to find out it's not compatible.

That's why all of the watches we carry work with both Apple and Android phones. The beauty of this versatility is that you're not tied to your current phone. If you want to switch operating systems in the future, your watch can make the switch with you.

If you're still unsure if your desired watch will work with your phone, we can help. You can ask our agents online or stop by your local Jared store for more information.

Next, we'll go over the two main types of smartwatches.

Style and Customization

All the brands we sell have round faces and many styles to choose from. When looking at watches, try models with easy to switch out bands to increase your fashion options.

Fossil smart watches are known to have easy-to-switch-out bands that come in many colorful styles. If you're the active type that plans to wear your watch in both wet and dry environments, opt for rubber wristbands. Rubber wristbands can handle getting wet and are easier to clean compared to other band types.

If you know you won't get your watch wet, leather bands are a timeless style choice that complete any look. 

Next, let's take a look at alerts.


Convenience of Alerts

As with all smart devices, these watches give you alerts wherever you go. With the right watch, you will never again miss an important email or text.

These watches can also keep up with your calendar. If you've got an important meeting you can't miss, your watch will remind you.

How you'll receive alerts and reminders depends on the watch type and setting. Alerts on touch screen watches show up on the watch face while hybrid watches usually vibrate to alert or remind you.

If you like minimal distraction, a hybrid watch might be the better choice since it won't cover the face. However, if you're set on a touch screen watch, you can adjust the settings to get fewer alerts. 

Lastly, let's go over apps and features.


Apps and Features

Our selection of watches offers a great array of features. In addition to getting notifications on the go, our watches allow you to pause and play music and keep up with your calendar. Never again will you miss an important birthday or anniversary because your watch will remind you.

If you're looking to be more active, many watches can track your progress. They can let you know when you've reached certain goals you've set and will help your phone keep a running activity log.

These watches can also count every step you make. Whether you're taking a short walk to get coffee or working out, your watch will count each step towards your fitness goals. 

If exercise is your main reason for getting a watch, make sure your desired model has a heart rate monitor and GPS tracking. A heart rate monitor tracks how active you've been while the GPS tracks where you've been active. With these tools on your wrist, you can complete your workout goals easily. 

But fitness isn't the only thing they can do. These watches can store your credit card for easy checkouts as you shop. With a simple tap of your wrist, you can check out faster than before. 

Plus, with your wallet being part of your watch, you can minimize what you need to carry with you. So, the next time you want to grab a quick bite, you will only need what's on your person. Or, in this case, on your wrist. 

Need help finding your phone? Use the Find My Phone feature to help locate your phone.


Which One is Right For Me?

Now that you have a good idea of what a new smart watch can offer, let's go over a few choices.

As always, Jared is happy to help you find your new watch. To get assistance, you can click on the bell icon on our website to chat with our knowledgeable online agents. Or, you can stop by your local Jared to see the watches in person and get assistance with our selection. 

Our first watch pick is from a watchmaker who has been making durable products for decades.


Casio G-Shock

Casio first introduced the G-Shock brand of watches in the 1980s and it has been a mainstay ever since. G-Shock watches have proven themselves to be durable and long lasting.

The smart version lives up to this rugged legacy. It comes with many familiar features like water and shock resistance while offering something new. It can keep time in multiple time zones, connect to your smart phone to track steps, and count calories. At $99, this watch is perfect for those who want to keep active on a budget.


MISFIT Vapor 2

For those who have larger watch budgets, check out the MISFIT Vapor 2. 

While Misfit is a little newer to the watch market, the brand has gained steady attention since its creation in 2011. The Vapor 2 is a touch screen smart watch with great features like:

  • Time and date
  • Water resistance
  • Step tracker
  • Alerts
  • Music control
  • Sleep tracker
  • Music control
  • Sleep tracker
  • Heart rate monitor

Like all of our smart watches, the Vapor can connect to both Apple and Android phones. The model listed comes in a stylish rose-toned stainless steel case and dark blue silicone strap. The watch has a 24-hour battery life and charges magnetically.

Tory Burch ToryTrack Collins

Are you a fan of vintage styles? Do want your watch to go with many outfits? If that sounds like you, then we suggest looking at the Tory Burch hybrid smartwatch . It has a classic analog face and many smart features like:

  • A sleep monitor
  • Alerts
  • Smartphone camera control
  • Music control
  • Step tracker

It can connect with both Apple and Android smartphones. The ToryTrack Collins smart watch evokes the 1960s with a gold-toned stainless steel bracelet and an orange top ring.

Frederique Constant

If you're looking for a watch with first class style and sophisticated options, then we suggest the Frederique Constant horological smart watch . This hybrid has a timeless face and many options like:

  • Alerts
  • Sleep tracker
  • World timer
  • Cloud storage

It's a traditional men's dress watch with connectivity via iOS and Android smart devices.

Movado Connect

If you're a fan of minimalism or the Art Deco period, you'll love Movado watches. Movado has been around since 1905. They often offer minimalist looks with chic and classic styles. This watch is no different. It has a touch screen made with Gorilla Glass and has smart features like:

  • Over 100 custom faces
  • Alerts
  • Phone call display
  • Google Assistant
  • Microphone
  • Access to thousands of apps

It can connect to both Apple and Android phones. With its sturdy glass face and artsy look, it's easy to see why many watch lovers choose Movado styles.

Skagen Falster 2

Are you super active during the summer? Do you love to spend time swimming or catching a few waves? If that's you, then check out Skagen's Falster 2 smart watch . Its swim proof touch screen separates this smart watch from its competitors.

In addition to a waterproof touch screen, this smart watch has:

  • Alerts
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Step tracker
  • Sleep tracker
  • Multiple time zones

No matter where your adventures take you, your watch can keep up with it all.

Casio G-Shock Classic

If you're looking for a low maintenance timepiece, the Casio G-Shock classic is for you. This G-Shock has a stylish 43.2 mm DLC screw-back case crafted of blue ion-plated stainless steel. This watch features a super illuminator LED light and solar battery - rendering it capable of self-charging. This watch also sports other features like:

  • Water resistance
  • Stopwatch
  • Shock resistance
  • Multiple Time Zones
  • Moisture resistance
  • Date
  • Backlight
  • Alarm

With a watch this timeless, it's no wonder it's one of the most popular Casio watches.

Fossil Machine Hybrid

If you like vintage leather and retro looks, then the Fossil Machine hybrid is for you. Taking inspiration from our all-time favorite Machine design, this new battery-powered hybrid uses smart technology to:

  • Send you alerts
  • View more than one time zone
  • Control your music
  • Track your steps
  • Track your sleep
  • Control your smartphone camera

In addition to all these great features, it is moisture resistant and has an alarm. Wherever you go, this watch will keep you up-to-date and on time.

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Add a little sophistication to your life with watches from Jared. Keep up to date with notifications, track your fitness and pay on the go. We have a wide selection of watches for both men and women from hybrid to touch screen. Check out our selection online or to stop by your local Jared to find the watch for you.

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