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Proposal Ideas at Home

Love Can't Wait

"I SAID YES! Today we were supposed to be in Gatlinburg, TN to celebrate my birthday (and for Daymon to propose) but with everything going on things didn't go as planned. But I'm so happy to finally be engaged with the love of my life! Today turned out to be a great birthday. I can't wait to spend forever with you and for us to celebrate this next chapter in our life. I love you fiancée!"


Planning to pop the question at home? There are many ways to get engaged at home that offer complete creative freedom, making the moment more meaningful and memorable. For some, the more simple and casual the atmosphere, the more intimate, personal and romantic the proposal. For others, low-key settings can offer an affordable way to ask, “will you marry me?” Check out some ideas for the perfect at-home engagement.


Romantic Dinner Proposals

For a classic and romantic home proposal idea, prepare her favorite meal and pop the question over a candle lit dinner. Choose a private setting, like a patio or porch, and make the dinner even more intimate by dressing up for the occasion and by adding her favorite flowers and dessert.

Dinner table set with wine, flowers, candle, and an engagement ring.

Man bending down on one knee proposing to his fiancee.

Newly engaged couple kissing on their back porch.

Woman showing off her new engagement ring.

Newly engaged hugging on their back porch, man kissing woman on the forehead.

Perfect Pet Proposals

Ask your fur baby to lend a helping paw when proposing at home! Tie a ribbon and some flowers around their collar, or make a sign and have your pet ask for you. Including the pet you share together is the perfect way to express your love, commitment and devotion.

Couple that just got engaged and their dog showing off the new engagement ring.

Dog paw on top of a women's hand wearing an engagement ring.

Dog sitting next to a sign with text that says "My daddy asked & my mommy said yes"

Sweet & Spontaneous Proposals

Show off your spontaneous side with an impromptu at-home proposal! A spontaneous proposal is about the love you share, no matter where you are or the circumstances. Surprise her while doing one of your favorite activities, like listening to music, watching a movie or taking a walk outside.

Woman crying and showing off the engagement ring on her hand.

Man bending down on one knee and proposing to a woman in the rain.

Marry me is written in sand at the beach, with a woman's hand wearing and engagement ring inthe background.

Fun Kid-Friendly Proposals

There is nothing more important than family. So, if there are children in your life together, involve them in your at-home proposal for a thoughtful and heartfelt engagement! Make it unique by popping the question during family game night or when enjoying your favorite activity with the kids.

Father and children bending down on one knee to propose to mother.

Father and mother hugging and kissing their son after getting engaged.

Father proposing to mother while she is holding their child.

Beautiful Backyard Proposals

Take your at-home marriage proposal idea outdoors! A garden makes a beautiful setting on its own, but add in a string of lights, lanterns or even Christmas lights as an extra special touch. Turn your backyard into the perfect picnic with homemade snacks and her favorite drink.

Woman's hand wearing an engagement ring with her fiance smiling in the background.

Couple smiling at each other after getting engaged.

Couple getting engaged on a dock with water and trees in the background.

Picnic outside on a blanket with dessert, cheese, champagne and flowers.

Man proposing to a woman on one knee in the woods.

Memorable Breakfast-in-Bed Proposals

Start her day with a loving surprise. Prepare your sweetheart's favorite breakfast and present it on a serving tray with fresh flowers in a vase. Create a more romantic sentiment by slipping the ring on her finger while she’s still asleep, hiding it in a napkin so she discovers it herself or put it on display in the center of the tray.

Engaged couple looking at the woman's new engagement ring.

Breakfast in bed proposal at home, with orange juice, coffee, croissant and engagement ring on a serving tray.

Intimate & Personal Proposals

There are many ways to make your at-home proposal intimate. If you keep it personal and unique, it will be a romantic and memorable story she’ll share for decades to come. Show her you really know her by sharing everything you love about her and your life together.

Man on one knee holding hands and proposing to a woman. Rose petals and candles form a circle behind them.

Man and woman hugging in front of silver balloons that say will you marry me?

Even if your at-home proposal idea doesn’t go 100% as planned, remember there is no right or wrong way to get engaged at home. Your engagement is about love–a love that can't wait. Every relationship is different, so your proposal should reflect your beautiful life together and your unique love story. And we can’t wait to hear about it–Share your at-home proposal stories with us. #LoveCantWait