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Pink Gemstones and Pink Jewelry

Rings and pendant shown in rose gold with pink gemstones and diamonds.

Pink Gemstones and Pink Jewelry

For many jewelry lovers, the color pink represents femininity, flirtation and fun. With pink in your life, every day can be a bright one. But this sparkle isn’t limited to things like pink tourmaline and other pink gemstones. Think pink with your settings, too.

Rose gold is also a beautiful way to add a bit of blush to your attire. For more pink possibilities, consider pairing pink settings with a pink gem, too. Let's explore pink gemstones and pink jewelry!


What Stone is Pink in Color?

People looking for pink jewelry have tons of options when it comes to gemstones. In fact, pink gemstones include more than the ones you might expect, like quartz or pink sapphire. There are even some garnets and rubies that appear to be fuschia instead of a more red color.

But some of the most popular pink stones include morganite, pink sapphire, pink tourmaline, pink quartz, cultured pearls and opal. Each stone has a unique history and shines best when paired with certain materials or settings. The care and cleaning for each stone varies, as well.


Lab-Created Pink Sapphire

When you conjure the sapphire stone in your mind, you probably think of a deep blue color. You might also think of the giant heart-shaped necklace from Titanic. But this isn’t the only kind of sapphire you can indulge in these days.

ow, you can find pink sapphire in a range of colors, from blush pink to deep magenta. Traces of chromium, copper, titanium, iron and magnesium help determine a pink stone’s color.

Though only found naturally on the island of Madagascar, pink sapphires can now be created in labs, too. This helps maximize their affordability while maintaining their brilliance and color.




While some may prefer a fiery pink, morganite hits closer to the peach side of the pink spectrum. You might even find some that resemble an orange creamsicle color. This pink gemstone pairs exceptionally well with a rose gold setting.

The soft blush appearance of the stone color instantly adds a romantic feeling to the jewelry piece. When complemented by diamonds, the morganite’s color impresses even more. In fact, morganite has become so popular, some brides-to-be prefer it over diamonds for engagement rings.



Pink Tourmaline

Pink tourmaline can be used to celebrate the eighth wedding anniversary. The stone varies in richness from baby pink to a richer, wine-like color.

Discovered in Brazil as early as the 1500s, people originally confused the stone with rubies or even emeralds. Over time, pink tourmaline’s popularity grew. It was so desirable that a Chinese Dowager Empress stockpiled a large portion of California’s tourmaline stock. The Empress wanted the tourmaline for jewelry, statues, sculptures and more.

A more modern favorite is the watermelon tourmaline. This pink tourmaline features a green “rind” around its pink center. This stone shines when cut in more raw, rustic ways. Consider a traditional yellow setting to highlight a piece of pink tourmaline that has a deeper color tone.



Cultured Pearls

Similar to lab-created stones, many pearls do not occur naturally; however, they are not “lab-created” either. Cultured pearls get their name due to how people “grow” them by introducing tiny irritants into mollusk shells. The nacre builds up over time to create gorgeous cultured pearls which can be found in many colors, including soft pink.

Delicate and timeless, pink pearls star in pink jewelry of many varieties. For instance, you can pair them with white pearls on a gold bracelet. Or, you can don a single pink pearl on a rose gold necklace for a simple statement piece.




Also known as October’s birthstone, opal comes in many hues and shades. Its natural iridescence lends the white stones flashes of pink, blue, orange and even green and yellow. A hint for pink-lovers: lab-created opals can be created to have a primarily pink hue.

Due to its multifaceted color combinations, opals make for a versatile pink gemstone. You can pair them with rose gold, white gold, sterling silver or any material in between. These pink stones shimmer alone or when paired with other stones such as diamonds, sapphires or other types of opal.


Pink Quartz

You may know pink quartz by a different name: rose quartz. This stone, dating back to 7000 B.C., hails from ancient Mesopotamia. Many cultures associated the stone with mystical powers like healing and anti-aging. But some also called it the “love stone.” As such, it makes a perfect companion for your favorite setting.

Pink quartz is a beautiful alternative to other types of pink gemstones. This gemstone ranges from light, pale pink to a bubblegum color with streaks of white through it. Many styles feature the stone cut as a raw crystal while others feature it as a polished, smooth stone.



Pink Gemstone Cleaning and Care

When cleaning gemstones, try not to expose colored stones to extremes of any kind. Just clean your pink jewelry with mild soap and warm water to get them gleaming again. This is also true for pearls. However, it is recommended to clean opals with baby oil or olive oil to prevent them from drying out.

Each pink gemstone involves a specific score on the Mohs scale for hardness. This determines how robust or fragile a stone might be regarding being exposed to something like physical impact or extreme temperatures.

Pink sapphires rank high at a 9 out of 10 on the Mohs scale. Pearls rank low at a 2.5/3 out of 10. Pink tourmaline ranks at a 7 along with pink quartz. Even with stones that are more robust, take care with your pink gemstone jewelry -- especially pearls and opals. These two stones are very susceptible to cracks and scratches. It’s best to store pearls separately from other jewelry in order to avoid damaging them.


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As you can see, there is a wide range of options for those who want to wear pink gemstones. No matter the occasion, our jewelers will be happy to help you find a beautiful stone that fits your style and budget. Shop pink jewelry at a Jared store near you.