The Allure Of Pink Gemstones

Morganite pink gemstone jewelry

The Allure Of Pink Gemstones

For many women, pink is a color that represents femininity, flirtation, and fun. Rose gold is a beautiful way to add a bit of blush to your attire. For more pink possibilities, check out these favorite stones.

  • Lab-created pink sapphire: You might usually think blue when you think of sapphires, but this stone is also available in pretty pink. PICK YOUR STONE >
  • Morganite: Morganite hits closer to the peach side of the pink spectrum and adds a soft, romantic look to any piece of jewelry. SHOP MORGANITE >
  • Pink tourmaline: Tourmaline, an alternate for October's birthstone, is available in a vibrant shade of pink. SHOP TOURMALINE >
  • Cultured pearls: Cultured pearls can be found in many colors, including soft pink. PINK PEARLS >
  • Opal: Lab-created opals often have flashes of pink in the mostly white stones, but some are created to have a primarily pink hue. SHOP OPALS >

As you can see, there are a wide range of options for those who want to wear pink gems. No matter what the occasion, your jeweler will be happy to help you find a beautiful stone that fits your style and budget.