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All About the May Birthstone

A May birthstone in one ring and one necklace against an off-white background.




May birthstones can be a great gift. They show you take notice of a friend or spouse's birthday and know what they like. Birthstones also come in a variety of styles that are sure to suit any look.

Let’s learn all about the May birthstone from its meaning to choosing the right gift and more.

What is the Birthstone For May?

Considered one of the big three precious gemstones, May's birthstone is the emerald. Emerald is known for its vibrant green color, but it is so much more.

Powerful and glamorous women throughout the ages donned emeralds. From Cleopatra herself to the star that portrayed her, Elizabeth Taylor, those who aim to captivate prefer emeralds.

Beginning with eternal love, emeralds are thought to bring undying bliss and romance. This gem is also seen as a protector against evil and capable of giving its wearer the ability to detect deception and lies.

So what emerald options does Jared have for you?

May Birthstone Gift Ideas for Your Spouse

Jared has many birthstone gifts. Does your husband enjoy rings? If that sounds like him, Jared may have the ideal emerald ring for his gift. You can personalize the ring with a special message, or you can make it a class ring.

Rings are a great gift for wives, too. Jared has numerous rings from emeralds surrounded by diamonds, or rings where an emerald is the shining star. Emerald rings are perfect for engagement, or for letting her know she's special to you.

You could even get a custom ring with both of your birthstones to let your spouse know that your connection is one for a lifetime. Custom rings can also have several different stones, so as your loving family grows, you can adjust the stones to fit your family.

If rings aren't your spouse’s thing, try an emerald necklace. Some necklaces have diamonds or other gems surrounding the beautiful emerald. Others have just the emerald front and center for all to admire.

Jared also has a lush selection of emerald bracelets to fit any look.

May Birthstone Gifts for Children

All children love to play dress-up and explore their boundless imagination. What better way to grow their creative thinking than to give them emerald jewelry of their own?


In their younger years, start them off with a personalized bracelet with their May birthstone. As they grow, you can give them a ring with their birthstone, or a nice set of earrings. Better yet: they can pick out their own pieces as they grow up.

And if you're looking for the perfect emerald gift for a friend, Jared can help.

Gifts for Friends

If your friend has recently been promoted, or if their May birthday is coming up, Jared has a wide selection of emerald gifts. You can give darling earrings like studs, or opt for something that dangles.

If they're more into ornate jewelry, consider a necklace with a halo of white diamonds around the gem. Whatever look you know your friend prefers, Jared has a great selection of gift options for you.

Cleaning Your Gemstones

Have you recently bought an emerald gem to call your own? Perhaps you've been gifted a verdant set of earrings instead. Whatever the case, you can ensure your gem will last through the ages by caring for it properly.

Emeralds should be cleaned gently with warm, soapy water and a soft cloth. Emeralds should never be cleaned with steam or in an ultrasonic cleaner as this can lead to damage.

Shop Our May Birthstones

Today Whether you're shopping for a family member, friend or yourself, Jared has the May birthstone for you. You check out our selection online or in-store.