Le Vian® Ombré

Le Vian Chocolate Ombre jewelry collection

Le Vian Ombré is the exciting patented jewelry design concept, inspired by beauty and fashion,
that pairs sweet shades of diamonds, as in Chocolate Ombré, or
soothing shades of Blueberry Sapphire, as in Denim Ombré, from light to dark.

Le Vian Chocolate Ombre bracelet.

Chocolate Ombré™

Chocolate Ombré™ features delicious layers of natural color diamonds: Candied Pecan Diamonds®, Crème Brûlée Diamonds® and Le Vian's exclusive Chocolate Diamonds® strategically mapped into chic styles including its signature Le Vian® Bolo Bracelet, which is offered at a variety of carat weights in single strand and multi-strand designs!


Denim Ombré®

Denim Ombré® is so comfortable, you will want to wear it every day! The collection features one of the world's toughest gemstones, the highest quality precious sapphires, set in a soothing array of blue hues. Le Vian® has collected, sorted and precision-cut over 50 unique blues for this patented design to create a faded denim look.



Le Vian Denim ombre bolo bracelet.