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Neutral-toned gemstones
complement her complexion
and show off monochromatic sparkle


About the Nude Palette Collection

The Nude Palette features a shimmering selection of skin glistening diamond and gems styles to provide chic monochromatic sparkle that is complementary to the latest fashion and beauty trends.

The Le Vian® Nude Palette of Diamonds features a range of natural color brown diamonds, chosen from the top 5% of production, each specific hue selected by Le Vian for its tone and flavor. All Nude Palette diamonds are responsibly sourced by Le Vian®, are natural color with no treatments, cut and polished to Le Vian's standards, SI clarity or better.

Nude Diamonds (C2-C3)

Chocolate Ombré Diamonds (C2-C6)

Chocolate Diamonds® (C4-C7)

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