Layering Necklaces

Layering Necklaces - Choker Necklaces, Bolo Necklaces, Convertible Necklaces

Going to great lengths is easier than you think.



Delicate CHOKERS:

Feminine and delicate, Chokers play up the beauty of a woman's neck and allow you to express your individuality. Worn alone or paired with a Bolo or Convertible necklace, a Choker is a definite must-have.



Choker Necklaces for Layering Necklaces


The elegantly modern lariat necklace, Bolos are on-trend and adjustable. A perfect complement to choker necklaces, Bolos are also ideal for layering with other favorite necklaces. Clasp free for a seamless appearance.



Bolo Necklaces for Layering Necklaces


On-trend and versatile, Convertibilities offer multiple styling options with just one necklace. Each can be worn three different ways - so you can match your look to the occasion. The essential jewelry for all jewelry wardrobes.


Convertible Necklaces for Layering Necklaces

Convertible Necklaces - Convertibilities

Layering Necklaces 101

Chunky, delicate, studded, sleek - when it comes to necklaces, the possibilities are endless. Recently, layering necklaces to create a unique look has become a popular trend.

If you've never done it before, it may seem a little intimidating. But don't worry, everyone is capable of creating a layered style. To help you get started, check out these 6 tips.

1. Lots of lengths
If you're going to wear multiple necklaces, make sure they differ in length. For example, pairing a long pendant with a short, delicate chain will create a flawlessly balanced look.

2. Works like a charm
Consider throwing a beaded or charm-adorned necklace in the mix. If you want to keep it simple, stick to a similar shape throughout or create a blend of beaded styles.

3. Colorful collaboration
Want to add a pop of color to your ensemble? Layer some vibrantly hued necklaces or go softer with a monochromatic look.

4. Chain reaction
For a sleeker look, consider a variety of link and chain styles. Layering multiple metals and materials can create more visual interest. SHOP CHAINS »

5. Clothes call
Your top or dress will play a large role when determining which necklaces to layer. High or deep necklines are easiest for layering, but other necklines can also work depending on necklace length.

6. Go for it
If you're hoping to layer a heavy necklace, go for it! A few bold necklaces can create a stunning statement piece.

Overall, don't forget to have fun. Layering necklaces is all about experimentation and figuring out which combinations work well together. Go dainty, daring, or dramatic, but most of all, stay true to your personal sense of style.

Layering necklaces is the most recent of the mix, match and stack trends to take off. Typically layered three or four at a time, the goal of necklace layering is to make it look effortless. (Don't panic; we're here to help.) One fine piece at the top - like a dainty choker - is often an excellent way to start off the set. You can add texture with different chains. The final touch: a longer piece (think bolo) to frame everything perfectly. View Less View More