The 90's are back...and they're better than ever. Choker necklaces have gone from a trendy add-on to an accessory staple, adding interest and drama to any outfit. These standout pieces bring style to a plain tee, sharpen your work wear, and can be the delicate icing-on-the-cake for your most posh party look.

Classic or modern, sleek or bedazzling, chokers are the versatile necklaces you'll want to wear year round, day or night, with just about everything in your wardrobe.

Choker Necklaces - Diamonds and gold chokers add to the timeless layering look of the neckline

The more, the merrier

Though slight in size, choker necklaces are big in impact - especially when worn with other chokers. Vary the length, texture, color and design to create an unforgettable look that's all your own.

Our chokers are adjustable and can accommodate different lengths, from a neck-hugging 12" to looser 16". Just use the extenders on the chain to make the necklace longer or shorter. Then unleash your creativity and pile them on.


What's your fancy?

Much more than the simple black ribbon of yesteryear, today's choker necklace styles run the gamut, featuring gemstones, beads and precious metals.

You'll find a bevy of embellishments on the chokers in our collection, including bezel-cut diamonds, cultured Mikimoto pearls, and petite 10k gold discs. Dare to pair chokers in differing shades of gold, or team those with stones with those without. Experimenting is half the fun.


Choker Necklaces - Different styles to layer on the necklaces

Explore layering necklaces - Chokers, Bolos & more to create a stunning and unique neckline

Plays well with others

The layered necklace look, though stunning in execution, is often tricky to pull off. Starting with a choker necklace at the top is an easy (and stylish) way in. Add delicate chains, a pendant, a bold statement piece - whatever suits the occasion or your mood. Frame the look with a long and loose bolo, the choker's most perfect complement.

By playing with textures, tones and styles, you can transform the attitude of your entire look, and see your favorite pieces in a whole new light.


Add a choker or two to your wardrobe.
They're easy to wear, easy to style - and make your look hard to forget.