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Lab Created Gemstones

lab created gemstones of various colors at Jared

Stunningly Real and Beautifully Crafted Lab-Created Gemstones

Looking for a gift or a new statement piece? Jared makes it easy and affordable to buy stunning lab-created stones. Crafted in a high-tech, controlled setting, these lab-created gemstones perfectly replicate the beauty of those created under the earth's surface and are an exceptional mix of master craftsmanship and science.

Lab-created gemstones are real gemstones, not synthetic imitations. They have the same chemical, optical and physical characteristics as stones dug from the ground. This category of gems includes popular options such as lab-created sapphires, lab-created diamonds and even rare colors of natural gemstones. They sparkle and gleam like stones made in nature and work for many styles and settings.

Diving into the world of lab-created diamonds and other gems might seem overwhelming. Getting more information about styles, settings and pricing is simple. Read on to learn what to look for in a lab-created gemstone below.

The Basics of Lab-Created Stones

Stones created in a lab essentially appear the same as stones created by nature. However, lab-created stones can have fewer flaws and cost less, too. What this means is that you could potentially get a bigger, more impressive lab-created emerald for the same price as a smaller or lesser-quality natural emerald.

Specialists recreate the more expensive and hard-to-find natural gems in a lab. This includes lab-created sapphires, lab-created rubies and others. These lab-created gemstones do not contain the inclusions and color inconsistencies that nature often provides. One main difference lies in the gem's clarity.

For those of you who might not be well-versed in gemstone quality, just remember the 4 Cs. They are cut, clarity, carat and, last but not least, color. Though often used in reference to diamonds, the 4 Cs can be used to describe any gemstone. You can find more information about the 4 Cs in our education section.

How Lab-Created Gemstones are Made

People generally mine traditional gemstones from the Earth. These form naturally over hundreds of years with extreme pressure. During the crystallization process, natural gems typically form inclusions or imperfections. This means that natural stones that have high clarity and excellent color can be very rare and extremely expensive. Lab-created gemstones require a structured environment, which means that specialists can control stone quality.

A popular form of in-lab gemstone creation is Flux Fusion. Over a period of six to 12 months, crystals grow in an environment that mimics the natural one for gemstones. Creating these gems relies on a steady, controlled process of applying minerals, heat and pressure.

Due to this process, lab-created gems have few, if any, inclusions. Instead of waiting for Mother Nature to work her magic, laboratory gemologists have sped up and mastered the creation using technology.

Don’t worry about comparing traditional gemstones to lab-created stones. Lab-created diamonds and lab-created gemstones have the same optical, chemical and physical properties as nature-made stones. In fact, many believe it would take an expert gemologist to determine the difference between a natural gem and a lab-created one. As a result of the streamlined creation process, lab-created gemstones take a fraction of the time to create. Because they aren’t as scarce or difficult to obtain, many cost much less than traditional gems as well.

Enhance Your Lab-Created Stones Jewelry Collection

It’s important to find lab-created gem products with the help of a trusted jeweler. As with traditional gemstones, verifying authenticity matters. You’ll also need to know how to properly clean your lab-created stone jewelry, too.

Jared provides information about your lab-created stones and how to care for them. We can also provide more information about the gem’s creation and what settings are most flattering. After all, the 4 Cs are just a starting point when choosing a new piece of jewelry. Find a gem you'll love at a Jared near you today.