A Guide to Buying Jewelry for Kids

A Guide to Buying Jewelry for Kids

A Guide to Buying Jewelry for Children

Thinking about getting jewelry for one of the kids in your life? There are a few things you may want to keep in mind before you do.

From a pair of screw-back baby earrings that help prevent swallowing to a personalized bracelet, make a child's first piece of jewelry one to remember. Get expert help finding the perfect jewelry for kids at Jared. It's important to consider the safety of a piece as well as its look when jewelry shopping for kids. Shop online or stop by a Jared store to find the perfect gift for the little one in your life.

As precious as they are, little children are pretty unpredictable. Their interests change regularly, and what's appropriate for one may be inappropriate for another. Before you go out and buy those adorable jewelry pieces you've been eyeing, consider these tips:

Jewelry can make your young ones feel older, responsible, and more sophisticated. If you think your child will appreciate jewelry, make a special memory together by taking them on a one-on-one shopping trip. Most likely they'll end up treasuring that moment even more than the jewelry itself.

Extra precautions should be taken when giving jewelry to young children. Screw-back earrings, for example, help prevent babies from accidentally swallowing their jewelry. Necklaces should also be worn with caution if unsupervised and potential metal allergies should be taken into account. Shop for jewelry made of sterling silver, gold, or surgical steel to avoid irritating your little one's ears.

Just like adults, children need jewelry that fits with their lifestyle. If your child is always running and playing, give them something that won't get in the way. Rubber or leather accessories are a more durable option - stay away from expensive materials if your child is a bit forgetful or too young to recognize value.

A few ideas include:

  • Nature-inspired jewelry like animals, butterflies, leaves, feathers, and more.
  • Heart motifs to show them how much you love them
  • Studs and smaller hoop styles
  • Customizable charm bracelets
  • Birthstone items to celebrate milestone dates
  • Number or initial jewelry unique to their name or birthday that will make them feel special