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Innovative Design

Every Le Vian® design is born from a dream.
Translated from its first form, an artist's sketch, the Le Vian® design comes alive with flavor, a process that includes choosing the gem and/or diamonds, selecting the cut that reveals its unique beauty and creating the innovative setting that brings it all together.

Over 250,000 sketches each year begin this journey. Only 25,000 complete the voyage.

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The History of Le Vian®

The only company on earth to make jewelry with Chocolate Diamonds. LEARN MORE >

Discover Le Vian®, fine jewelers with an illustrious history. The house of Le Vian® is famed for jewelry that combines a reverence for the past with a passion for defining future trends. Those who know and love Le Vian® have a passion for beautiful, expertly made fine jewelry. This passion is what drives Le Vian® today, building upon a legacy of artistry and expertise. You'll find the hottest styles of Le Vian® at Jared including Chocolate Diamonds® and colorful gemstone designs that are instant fashion must-haves.

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