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Engagement Rings - Personal Style

Learn more about her bridal style

It's hard enough shopping for yourself, let alone someone else. Thing is, it's not just anyone else - she's the love of your life, who probably has some pretty particular tastes. What's more, you're shopping for her engagement ring - jewelry she'll wear everyday with every outfit for the rest of her life.
No worries! By taking the time to understand her personal style - as well as the engagement ring styles that correspond to it - you'll do just fine. In fact, more than fine. You'll do great!
Let's start by taking a look at six popular personal styles: Glamorous, Romantic, Chic, Minimalistic, Classic and Bold.


Full of joy and possessed of a good sense of humor, the Glamorous woman always looks at the bright side of life.

Her engagement ring calls for a touch a glam that commands attention - think something sparkly and full of layers like a halo-style ring.


Learn more about her bridal style-glamorous


If she loves feminine lines and pastel shades, the Romantic style is for her.

Engagement rings with graceful lines, soft silhouettes and intricate details reflect her love of nature and beauty as well as her idealistic and dreamy nature.


Learn more about her bridal style-romantic


Never afraid to be herself or say what she thinks, the Chic woman is considered the fashionista among her friends - the one they all turn to for style advice.

This in-the-know personal style translates to an engagement ring that exudes personality and charisma. One that's a modern-day showstopper.


Learn more about her bridal style-chic


Never a rule-follower, the Bold woman follows her heart and lives as she pleases. Creative and expressive, she loves being the center of attention.

Her philosophy on engagement rings? Ditch tradition and opt for something a bit more alternative, a ring with flair and a generous dash of the unexpected.


Learn more about her bridal style-bold


The Classic woman embraces an elegant, tailored and iconic style. Straightforward and practical, she puts careful thought into her decisions and takes a realistic approach to life.

The Classic style is best paired with a traditional engagement ring.


Learn more about her bridal style-classic


Favoring subtlety over extravagance, this elegantly understated woman combines simple, casual and classic styles into her everyday life.

Clean and classic, the solitaire suits the Minimalist style perfectly.


Learn more about her bridal style-minimalist