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Different ring sizing options

Find the Right Ring Size

You found the right ring - now you need to know the right size. Use a ring that belongs to the wearer to help determine size. If you don't have a ring, tie a piece of string around the wearer's finger to get a measurement.

An often overlooked, but crucial, detail for a proposal is knowing her ring size. Imagine her opening the ring box only to find that the gorgeous, perfect ring you selected won't fit on her finger. Avoid this engagement faux pas by getting an accurate ring size before the big presentation.



The obvious choice: take one of her rings
If you can, one of the best ways to get an accurate ring size is to look at one she wears frequently. Try to make sure it's a ring she wears on her ring finger, if possible. When she's unaware and the ring is off her finger, take a quick measurement with a ruler, trace the inside on a piece of paper, or press the ring into a bar of soap (warning: you'll have to clean the ring afterward if you choose this method). Once collected, bring this information to us or use our ring sizing chart below to measure and compare.

Get an accomplice
Pick a trustworthy friend of hers (or her mom or sister) to help get the correct size. With the right assistance, you may be able to find out without arousing your bride-to-be's suspicions.

Watch and learn
Take your intended shopping for a fashion ring. Pay attention to what fits. Consider getting a store associate to help you get a measurement of a ring she tried on.

If you're not into all this subterfuge, just ask what her ring size is. If you've talked about marriage, she already knows what your intentions are. You can still keep it a surprise by not revealing when and where the proposal will occur.

Good luck!

Note: Measurements refer to the inside diameter of the ring.

Ring Size = Diameter in Millimeters
3 = 14 mm
3.5 = 14.4 mm
4 = 14.8 mm
4.5 = 15.2 mm
5 = 15.6 mm
5.5 = 16.0 mm
6 = 16.45 mm
6.5 = 16.9 mm
7 = 17.3 mm
7.5 = 17.7 mm
8 = 18.2 mm
8.5 = 18.6
9 = 19 mm
9.5 = 19.4 mm
10 = 19.8 mm
10.5 = 20.2 mm
11 = 20.6
11.5 = 21 mm
12 = 21.4 mm
12.5 = 21.8 mm
13 = 22.2 mm
13.5 = 22.6 mm