Extended Service Plan

Jared Extended Service Plan

We make taking care of your jewelry easy. With the Jared Extended Service Plan (ESP), you can make sure your jewelry stays as strong, secure and beautiful as the day you opened the box. With one payment, you get coverage for your jewelry for its lifetime, so you can enjoy it worry free!

Sign up for the ESP and the following services are free:

  • Ring sizing
  • Prong retipping
  • Prong replacement
  • Head replacement
  • Diamond or color stone tightening
  • Earring repair
  • Chain soldering
  • Clasp replacement
  • Rhodium plating white gold

There's no deductible under the plan. To take advantage of ESP coverage you purchased, take your jewelry to any Jared store accompanied by your sales slip from your ESP purchase. This applies to all in-store and online purchases of the ESP. Unauthorized repairs or service (meaning any modifications, alterations, repairs or service by anyone other than Jared or a repair center authorized by us) can void your ESP coverage.

If Your Jewelry Costs: Lifetime ESP Purchase Price Is:
$0.01 - $75.99 $19.99
$76.00 - $100.99 $29.99
$101.00 - $150.99 $54.99
$151.00 - $200.99 $64.99
$201.00 - $300.99 $79.99
$301.00 - $500.99 $104.99
$501.00 - $750.99 $129.99
$751.00 - $1,000.99 $159.99
$1,001.00 - $1,500.99 $199.99
$1,501.00 - $2,000.99 $219.99
$2,001.00 - $2,500.99 $249.99
$2,501.00 - $3,000.99 $299.99
$3,001.00 - $3,500.99 $329.99
$3,501.00 - $5,000.99 $349.99
$5,001.00 - $7,000.99 $379.99
$7,001.00 and above $449.99

What's Covered

The ESP is a repair plan. When you buy the ESP for your purchase, we'll make any necessary repairs to your jewelry to keep it beautiful and always ready to wear. The ESP only covers normal wear and use of the merchandise.

ESP coverage includes--but isn't limited to--the following services, subjecty to the other terms and conditions:

  • Ring sizing
  • Prong retipping
  • Prong replacement
  • Head replacement
  • Diamond or color stone tightening
  • Earring repair
  • Chain soldering
  • Clasp replacement
  • Rhodium plating white gold

Parts may be replaced with parts of like quality, including non-original manufacturer's parts.

What's Not Covered

The ESP isn't a replacement plan. Watches repairs and the replacement of diamonds or gemstones are not covered under the ESP.

Nothing in the ESP obligates Jared to repair or replace materials resulting from excessive or abusive treatment of the merchandise other than normal wear and tear. The ESP also does not cover:

  • The loss or theft or damage resulting from loss, theft, misuse, abuse or Act of God.
  • If you purchase the ESP after your merchandise purchase, it doesn't cover existing conditions that occur in the time between buying your merchandise and the effective date of the ESP.
  • The ESP doesn't replace any other warranties/guarantees applicable to the merchandise - it's a supplement.
  • You must perform all maintenance on the merchandise required by any applicable underlying warranties/guarantees to maintain the merchandise in usable and wearable condition, as detailed in those warranties/guarantees.
  • Damage resulting from failure to comply with recommended services and/or maintenance under such warranties/guarantees is not covered by the ESP.

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Withdrawing Consent
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