Protect Your Ring With The Right Warranty

Protect Your Ring With The Right Warranty

Warranties for Your Engagement Ring

Your wedding and engagement rings are both symbols that are meant to bring you joy for a lifetime. To make certain that they do, be sure your ring comes with a warranty or guarantee from your jeweler.

About warranties, guarantees & service plans

Warranties and guarantees:

  • These terms may be used interchangeably and they generally mean the same thing - an agreement from the jeweler that your ring is covered against damage or loss.
  • Sometimes the cost of this protection is included in the total price of the ring, or it may be an additional fee.
  • When you purchase your diamond ring from Jared, you will receive a Lifetime Diamond Guarantee that protects your diamond, provided 6-month inspections are performed by a Jared jewelry specialist. 
  • In between scheduled visits, you are welcome to come to Jared anytime to have your ring cleaned and inspected - at no charge.

Extended Service Plan:

  • For an extra charge, this plan will provide additional protection for your jewelry.
  • The plan also covers setting adjustments and resizing.
  • Those with active lifestyles may like the peace of mind that comes with this plan.

Make sure you and your spouse are both aware of your options. It is important that you read and review any documentation associated with a warranty, guarantee or service plan.