Diamond Size: How Big is Big Enough for an Engagement Ring?

How big should the diamond in your engagement ring be?

Diamond Size: How Big is Big Enough for an Engagement Ring?

Size is only one factor among many others that contribute to the quality of a diamond. "How big," is often the first question, though. To cut to the chase, there is no definite answer on size.

A diamond should be evaluated against all 4C's , only one of which is carat weight. cut, color and even the setting you choose can all be major factors in just how big a diamond appears.

One thing is for sure - always err on the side of quality. Some may want to sacrifice quality for size, when in fact, a larger diamond of poor quality will show flaws and imperfections more obviously.

Remember to Consider Her.

Despite what you see on other hands of brides-to-be, think of her personal style. Is a big diamond too dramatic for her? Would she feel uncomfortable wearing a bolder, flashier ring? By contrast, does she welcome attention? Does she have a high-profile job in which she wants to project success? Ask all these questions prior to making up your mind on size.

So, does size matter when it comes to diamonds? That's up to you and the bride. The professional jewelers at Jared are available to guide you through each of the 4C's to find the ideal engagement ring.

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