Engagement Ring Settings: The Best Foundation of Your Ideal Ring

Diamond Settings: The Foundation of Your Ideal Engagement Ring

A setting is what holds your gemstone (or gemstones) in place. There are a number of choices to consider when it comes to the setting and design of your Let's explore some of the most common ring designs and their settings.

Prong setting
Prong settings are the most popular settings for diamond engagement rings. The prongs provide grip, rising up to grasp the diamond.

Raised up and unhindered by a lot of metal, a diamond can refract light better, resulting in the look that makes a diamond so spectacular. This is why a prong setting is common for solitaire rings.

It's important to follow your Jared ring inspection schedule to make sure the prongs remain tight and your diamond is secure.

The halo design features a center stone, often in a prong setting, surrounded by smaller diamonds. This results in a spectacular look that is feminine and delicate. Halo styles can be round or squared off on the sides.

The halos can make the center diamond look larger and can act as a buffer to protect the center diamond from hitting against surfaces.

Channel setting
A channel setting features a row of diamonds side by side, suspended by individual seats cut into each side of the channel. This setting is often used in wedding bands or for side stones accenting the center diamond of an engagement ring.

The channel setting locks each diamond into individual seats in the band, to help keep them from being knocked out of place.

Bezel setting
In a bezel-set diamond ring, metal is formed around the shape of the diamond, and the top of the stone sits flush to the perimeter of the setting.

Bezel settings are ideal for those who are active or use their hands often. The bezel keeps diamonds snug and prevents them from snagging on things, knocking against surfaces or scratching other people.
Many people also value the bezel setting for its unique and clean, simple style.

Customized Setting
Also known as "semi-mounts," Jared offers a wide assortment of settings that include everything but the center stone. You are able to select the diamond or gemstone that will be the main attraction in your ring. Jared has a large selection of diamonds, sold separately, for you to choose from.